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Happy Mother Day to Mother In Law Quotes | Sweet Messages for Mother in Law

Wonderful Mother in Law Quotes 2020:

Man's son to raise - 
The task is not easy. 
My mother-in-law, you are a miracle, supermat! 
My husband is strong, deft, 

Reliable, like a Swiss bank, 
Galantine, like Prince Harry. 
So in the holiday of Moms I wish you to 
Be a hundred years in a stroke, 

To dream, to love, to raise grandchildren - 
They adore you! 
And if 
you get bored, I 'll tell you more ...


I consider you my mother, I 
you infinite happiness, And with you to me, gossip is for nothing, 
I admit, it was quite lucky. 

Let the worries be carried away, 
you, Mom, let them not touch, 
Always your family is happy, 
I do not need another mother-in-law!

moms day

You, the embodiment of wisdom and understanding, my second mother and reliable friend, you, dear mother-in-law, sincerely and heartily congratulate on Mother's Day! Let the light in your eyes not fade with the years, the source of valuable advice will not run out, and your tablecloth-samobranka will always please your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Be happy!


You, my second mother, congratulate 
you today, And I will tell you without guile: I respect you, I 
tremble before your eyes, I wait for your advice. 
I hope not to spoil our relations. 

I wish you happiness on the Mother's Day, I wish you happiness, 
Let peace fill your soul and passions 
will cease, Let health be strong, and the sky clear, 
Mood excellent, joyful, beautiful. 

I promise you that my son will be surrounded by care, 
Only to cherish and cherish, not to load work, 
I promise to be your daughter and faithful friend, 
To be, as you are, a wonderful mother, kind and exemplary!


mothers day 2018

You and I, Mom, have a common child, 
You raised him from the diapers. 
Thank you so much! And on the holiday of all mothers 
I wish you health and happiness. 

Without your parting words, life was empty, 
you - the book of advice for us is golden. 
Live for a long time, not knowing the sadness, 
So that we are not bored with you forever.


Dear mother-in-law, I congratulate you on your mother's day! You, like a train, cruise around our stations with your son in a family life. We are always glad for your arrival. After all, you are a real mother, and you remain a powerful locomotive that will get out of any difficulties in life. Thank you. Come more often.


mothers day

The mother-in-law, the tenderest feelings of influx. 
I'm constantly trying for you. 
No from the wife is sweeter than praise, 
Than the phrase: "Borschik now, like my mother!". 

You, as the Chekist, days, nights on the alert, 
At the moment interrupt the idea of ​​sabotage - 
Wake up the sleepy daughter-in-law with a Bell, 
Reminding that the comfort for the husband is important. 

You are a treasure valuable for a young family, 
Help you to strive for wisdom, money ... 
Thank you! My bow to the earth 
On Mother's Day, my second beloved mother! 

Health to you, dear! New forces, 
Love, enthusiasm! Waiting for you nepchatyy 
Let happiness edge where youths ardor
You will be kindled grandchildren forever!


Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for the fact that 
you, loving, not too spoiled, 
What a son grew a man a hundred percent - 
It's a pity there is not for bringing up a medal! 

Let his heart warms you, 
Attention and tender care, 
And though you are not my mother, but my mother-in-law, 
But not about us put jokes. 

Cheerful stay, young, 
Healthy and equally energetic, 
Let the son though with a beard, though gray, 
I want you to look great!


My dear mother-in-law, for me you are the second mother, 
And on Mother's Day, everything is for you - my sincerity and love, 
I wish you long years and happy to be the most, 
Do not let the soul get old, inspire us again and again. 

I wish you health and wonderful mood, 
Let surprises await you in life, and fate will be generous to you, 
optimism, hope to you and the desires of all fulfillment, 
Lask Heavenly and earthly blessings, much joy and goodness!


mothers day quotes

To you, dear mother-in-law and the beautiful mother of the best man in the world - my congratulations on this bright autumn day! I wish you excellent health and unshakable vivacity, inspiring optimism and sparkling enthusiasm, excellent mood and strength for many important and pleasant things! Happy Mother's Day!
Author: Sazonova Evgenia

Wonderful mother of a beautiful son, 
The family give all the caress, love. 
Your son is the best man 
for me , And you are a golden mother-in-law for me! 

Happy autumn mums I congratulate heartily! 
Let there be in the fate of laughter and joy reign, 
To you to smile lightly and carelessly 
And give all your loved ones care!


Happy Mother's Day, I congratulate you, 
My beloved mother-in-law. 
I appreciate and respect you, 
And I admire again and again. 

Keep the family of excess 
and give your love. 
I wish you happiness in motherhood. 
And I thank you for your kindness. 

Let the children be your joy, 
For your pride is their success, 
For worry all the reward 
Let there be a loud laughter in the house.


Dear mother-in-law, you are the little man who selflessly runs a family nest, enthusiastically supervises all home processes and enthusiastically takes care of his big and small household members. On Mother's Day I wish that peace and order always reigned on the territory entrusted to you, and all your innovations caused delight!
Author: Anna Pishcheda

You brought up a real man, 
And for me you too became a mother, 
We had no reason to swear, We 
share both joy and sorrow. 

Let every day a smile brings you, 
That the mood was excellent, 
And all that only the heart asks, 
It's the same hour, surely!


mother's day quotes

My dear mother-in-law, the second mother! 
I was extremely lucky! 
For your son immensely grateful, 
For your kindness, love, warmth! 

On Mother's Day, welcome congratulations 
and wishes sincere bouquet: 
Love and joy, health and luck, 
Happy days and long, long years!


Without hesitation I say: 
I love my mother-in-law! 
I admire, respect, 
And from the bottom of my heart I wish 

On the Mother's Day: health 
and flowers with great love, 
Moods, good luck, 
Harvest from summer cottage! 

Long years, happy days, 
Wonderful friends! 
Respect of colleagues, 
you are a priceless person!


My dear mother, and part-time mother in law. It is very difficult to educate your children with real people, so that they are respected all around. But you succeeded. You managed to raise your son like that, that he became not just an excellent husband for me, but also a noble, reliable and honest person. I congratulate you on your mother's day and wish you health, days bringing only joy and happiness.


I have a second mother. 
And you became my mother. 
And I do not regret a gram, 
That we are related, as we dreamed. 

Thank you for your patience, 
For the difficult maternal work! 
For your kindness and zeal, 
That all problems peretrut!


Fate guides people. 
It's not much use to contradict her. 
Let everyone in the heart keep 
That which is more gentle than roses and silk. 

We cherish our family. 
We congratulate moms today. 
Your son is important to me in the world of all. 
We only wish good! 

We wish pride not to lose - 
your son is loved, and this is important. 
We congratulate, let again 
Love bears us in the distance fearlessly.


It happens that the people you just learned recently become relatives and friends. Such a person who took me into the family and who did not rebuke me once, even when there were reasons for me, it is you who are my second mother. I want to wish you to literally bathe in the love of the numerous grandsons and children surrounding you. Happy Mother's Day!


Thank you for the best 
man on earth! 
For the sweet, good, 
That my husband was already me. 

His character is affectionate. The 
merit of your hands. 
So be you happy, 
Do not know ills, parting. 

Health, God forbid, kind, 
Patience and strength, 
For a long journey of life, 
Among those who are heartful!

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