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Unique But Short International Mother's Day Quotes and Greetings 2020

International Mother's Day is a Holiday of Every Person on Earth

The first word that we say. The person we call, when we feel bad, and when we feel good. The person with whom we first of all share all the secrets. A man who remains our first and foremost love forever. Mom, Mom, Mamula. A woman who protects us from adversity every minute. A woman who, even leaving in a different world, like a guardian angel, invisibly watching us from Heaven, blesses and guides us on the path of the true ...

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Undoubtedly, the International Mother's Day is a holiday of every person on Earth. After all, each of us has Mamula, Mom, Mom, to whom we owe our life.

The cult of the Mother in Ancient Greece and in Russia

International Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The month of May was not chosen by chance. In ancient Greece reigned the worship of the Great Mother of all Gods, Rhea, in honor of which every year in the beginning of May there were mysteries, including many complex rituals and rituals. A little later in Greece began to be held and celebrations in honor of other goddesses, who were considered mothers of the Earth and all of humanity - Demeter and Persephone.

Ceremonial rituals dedicated to the cult of the Mother were held in Rus during pagan times. The image of the Most Holy Mother of God in Christianity is also a tribute to that great role played by a woman in the centuries-old history of mankind.

History of Mummy Day Holiday:

The history of the International Mother's Day dates back to the 19th century. In 1872, in the United States, a famous pacifist and fighter for women's rights, Julia Hove, initiated the International Day for the Unity of All Mothers of the World. Unfortunately, at that time this wonderful idea did not find worthy support. Up to the beginning of the 20th century, the holiday was unofficially celebrated except in the USA.

In 1907 another American, Anna Jarvis, submitted to the legislature a proposal for the establishment on the second Sunday in May of the National Mother's Day. This time the initiative was supported at the highest state level. In 1914, the holiday finally received official status.

Since many more countries joined the American celebrations for several years, May 2 very quickly acquired an international sound. Today, International Mother's Day is officially celebrated in more than 23 countries.

Traditions of the holiday
In the US and many European countries, there is a tradition to fasten a red carnation flower to clothing if the mother is alive and white if she has already left this world. In America, also on this day, they must visit their parents, no matter how far they live. And mothers are preparing for their already grown-up children different goodies, spoiling them no less than in childhood.

What to Write on a Mother's Day card 2020:

All this day - for our dear mothers. Flowers, gifts, congratulations, words of gratitude and admiration. However, our mummies deserve all this not only on a holiday. Appreciate your mother, admit to her in love every day, give gifts and flowers without any reason, simply because she IS. And let the International Mother's Day last 365 days a year!

Short Mothers Day Messages In English 2020

what to write on a mother's day card


Thanks, Mom,
for your forever love. 
Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day messages for cards

Well, except for that naked baby picture!
Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Mothers day messages poems 2020

You make the world
a more beautiful place -
especially my world.
Love you, Mom!

funny mothers day messages

You make the world
a more beautiful place -
especially my world.
Love you, Mom!

Mothers day text messages

mothers day messages poems

Mom, you deserve to be celebrated,
to be showered with love and appreciation!

Mom, you’re the best every day.
Thanks for all you do!

happy mothers day quotes from daughter

Happy mothers day messages to friends

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