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9 Things You've Got to Say to Your Mom on Mother's Day 2020

Mother's Day is an extra reason to say kind and gentle words to the most dear person in our lives: Mom

The holiday appeared in the late 90's. And now every last Sunday of November there is another reason to say the most dear and close to a man of gratitude. Of course, personally. But it is possible and in social networks: with a mark "Thanks, mum".

It would seem that all we need is to say "thanks" to the most dear and close, the one that will always understand and support, but the voice starts to tremble, and there are tears in her eyes.

"We need to say this more often. It's very nice when you are told some kind words. And it's nice to tell their own person. Why do I do this so rarely? I cried because I'm ashamed. True, it's embarrassing, "TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya admits.

Famous people rarely talk about their relatives, share so personal experiences. But on this day, Mother's Day, everything changes. They publicly confess, repent, ask for forgiveness and are explained in love.

i love you mom

What to write on a mother's day card ?

"Dad was pretty strict with us, and I did bad things, I always waited for my mother to come back from the night shift," Pavel Derevyanko recalls.

"My gymnastics, my master of sports, my crust is all my mother," admits Maria Kozhevnikova.

"The steel rod - before they protected the vegetable gardens, stuck into my leg, to the bone. And when she opened the door, she saw it, she fainted, "- says Timur Soloviev.

International Mother's Day for the 20th time. It was established in 1998, the date was chosen - the second Sunday in May, but now the holiday is becoming increasingly important.

Flashmob "Thank you, Mom" ​​has already captured 50 million people.

"I really want our mothers to get these positive emotions. Because this is such a life injustice: we grow up, we flew out of the nest. And for them remains very little. For them, these 30 seconds - in general, all life ", - says the TV presenter, the author of the project" Thank you, mother "Marina Kim.

It's so simple: to find time, opportunity, but just say once again at the meeting: "Thank you." And for what, everyone knows for himself.

Best Mother's Day wishes, messages, greetings and sayings

How Children say: Mother's Day 2020!

mothers day wishes from daughter

In the world, Mother's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May. We, on the eve of the most real professional holiday of our magazine, gathered children of different ages and asked them questions about mothers and Mother's Day! Not a single thought-out answer, the style of young authors is preserved. We laughed and wept with all the editorial staff. Read and you! And then - call your mom!


-What does the word "mom" mean to you?

- So she loves me and appreciates. My mother is very beautyful. A little scolded, he loves quite. I help her to hang out clothes and wash.

-How does it help you?

- It helps to eat.

-How do you think you can give it to "Mother's Day"?

-You can give her a picture of herself, and there's a thing that you broke. She will say: "No, thank you, it was very beautiful." And I will present a drawing. There I am in a black dress and my mother is in orange, in shoes, and she also has hair. Carrots are drawn on the dress.

- What do you wish your mother?

The children are talking.  Veronica
"Go to the restaurant and eat something sweet." Her coffee, I have a sweet cake. I think you can go eat now.

MoM Day 2018


- What is your mom?

- Anya. Black shoes are dressed or black boots. Mom and Dad are flying - paratroopers. Likes to paint, drink coffee. Delicious coffee !!!

-You help your mom?

-I'm trying to make salads, I make a pie with my mother with my mother.

-And Mom to you?

-Can have something to fix, gate, railway.

-What will you give to your mother on Mother's Day?

-Maybe, beads.

Heartfelt mother's day message


-What does the word "mom" mean?

-This means good, cheerful, beautiful.

"What kind of mother do you have?"

- Natasha. Medium, brown hair. Merry, likes to read fairy tales.

-How does Mom help you?

-Hare helps.

- Beads made, orange and blue, still green.

-And what do you want?

-Happiness, health, sweets.

The children are talking.  Agatha

mothers day messages in english

I love u mom quotes


-What does the word "mom" mean to you?

-My favorite. Always help, caress. She loves me, she is always good.

-What is your mother, tell us about her?

-Good, strong, she loves me very much. very much wants me to become a big, big one.

-You help your mom?

-Yes, for example, I help her 2 times, how to say,

. If something does not work out - I help her, or she to me.

-What can I give to my mother on Mother's Day?

- Nice, little box, where you can put something.

Have you already prepared a gift?

-Not yet. I will give a butterfly, a small ant, which climbed a twig, and a caterpillar on a leaf, and a flower.

-What will you wish your mother for the holiday?

-To have a good job, and it always grew, and that there was a good mood.


-Who is Mom?

-Mama means that she is very dear, close person. My mother is good, but sometimes I get angry when I ask stupid questions. She let me go EVENING WITH A NIGHT.

-And how does your mother help you?

-All does, she understands that I have a talent. I bought a cabinet for crafts.

-What will you give to your mother on Mother's Day?

-I prepared for her on the anniversary of my father and mother at the dacha. 2 cut out the heart, glued and wrote, painted.

-Give something to your mom!

The children are talking.  Arina
-To remain beautiful with good taste, the good always loved me and my dad.

happy mothers day messages to friends


-What does the word mom mean?

-My mother to have children, to feed my dad and I need to.

-What is your mom?

- Half strict, half not strict. Strict, when I do not listen. It gives its aipad, there are no star wars there !!!

-You help your mom?

-Not always. I know how to wash the dishes. Only at my dacha.

- Does your mother help you?

-Only preparing food, scolding. He takes them to the kindergarten and takes them.

Do you know when they celebrate Mother's Day?

-When the other weekend passes and then.

-What will you give to my mother?

- I will not be at this party. I will go far with my brother, father and mother. Far by plane.

- What would you like to wish your mom?

- I did not want anything else, only for the new year.

mothers day text messages

mothers day quotes


-Who is Mom?

- Mom, this is ... she's kinder than her dad. More allows. Can lego buy.

" What kind of mother do you have?"

-Good, I almost do not know mom.

Do you know that there is such a holiday - Mother's Day?

-I know, March 8th.

-What will you give to my mother?

-Colors that I will find that I love. Artificial flowers, but can be real. Them better. You can take care, water. they do not know how to talk, but they can listen. Artificial they are fakes, they do not listen and do nothing. Live light, and artificial do nothing.

-What do you want to wish your mother?

-To not hurt. Once I fell ill, but a long time ago, when I was 4, and now 6. To not have nightmares, just in case.

The children are talking.  Artem


Tell me, what is your mother?

- Loving, caring. An animal rescuer. I rescued the cat from the car.

-You help your mom?

-Yes, sometimes with my sister dishes, we clean the room.

-And does your mother help you?

-Scribes on the mugs. In 1 class, modeling and swimming pool.

-What will you give to your mother on Mother's Day?

-Open, hand-made. something like thinly sliced ​​paper, tulips, for example.

-Your wishes to mom?

-Happiness, good luck, rest, shopping.

mothers day messages poems


-What does the word "mom" mean?

- He's a close friend, best friend.

- What kind of mother do you have?

-Good, always helps, does not offend

-What will you give to your mother for the holiday?

-Colors and speak good words. I love her. Postcards will do with my sister.

- What would you like to wish her?

-I would like to wish you health and happiness.

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