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Happy Mothers Day Cute Short Script and Skits Songs Poems Wishes Messages

Moms First Mothers Day 2020

Among the large number of celebrated holidays, Mother's Day is unique and unique in its kind. On this day, the attention of others is turned to the most beloved for us people - our mothers. A woman who gave life to a small child deserves a huge recognition, respect. After all, she is the one who sacrifices much for her little foxes. It is no wonder that abroad this holiday was celebrated earlier, in the 17th century. On this Sunday holiday in November, organizations usually have a shorter working day. Mom is the only person, the beginning of all beginnings, the source of love. No one can so forgive us, accept with dignity, shortcomings, rejoice in victories and experience because of failures. Devote our mothers the best words, warm them with your warmth, attention, give congratulations. 

moms first mothers day

Mothers day quotes poems. Happy mothers day script

Reads the presenter: The only thing I have is, Sweetheart and the most expensive. There is no better woman in the world! Hiding in you is wisdom, virtue. You serve as an example for me. I grew and loved, I did not sleep a single day. And I feel pride every day, What brought up intelligent sons. Well, jokes aside, Mom, Happy Mother's Day, dearest to you! Wish You happiness and health, Another such as you, I do not know! 

Children's script for your beloved mother The script for Mother's Day allows:

 • Develop an emotional atmosphere, intrigue those present; 
• Teach children to be kind, caring, affectionate in relationships with loved ones;
 • show ingenuity, achieve self-expression, spiritual enthusiasm. 

Equipment: a picture with congratulations, pens, pencils, markers, dress, flowers. A melody plays: Antoshka's song. In the scenes are adults. The children sing and dance to the song. The host says the words: Hello, guests are dear! We are here today to congratulate our beautiful mothers.

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Original skits and poems The host announces: 

" Now the children will read the poems and show interesting sketches for Mother's Day." "Congratulations for Mom" Says the first son: My brother and I are congratulating We write together. Mother sleeps. Draw on the wallpaper, Colorful flowers. 

Says the second son: Sleep well, sleep Mommy. We, that there should be more light, Tulle for the time being shorter. Says the first son: And from your dress We'll quickly set the table. We'll bed instead of a tablecloth, Slightly cropping your hem. Says the second son: We love our mother, We love her very much, So Mom woke up, We congratulate her! The whole hall in chorus: Happy holiday!

Poems are accompanied by small scenes, like brothers write congratulations, draw on wallpaper, and so on until the end of the text. Songs and dances for the holiday Then the children show funny skits. They sing the song "I want to hug you". On each chorus of the song children come to women and give flowers with wishes (postcard). Until they give all the flowers. 

Chorus of the song: To be beautiful, To be happy, To be a very healthy, So that, like a rose, blossomed. I walk and think, I look: "What will I give my mother tomorrow? Maybe a typewriter? Maybe a chocolate bar? No! I'll give you, my love, on this day. Red flower - brighter than all the lights! 

mom day quotes 2018

Funny interesting sketches for Mother's Day Host:

 And now we will sing you ditties. 1st participant: I love my mother, She is a kind soul, If something goes wrong, hack, She helps me. Second participant: If really not satisfied, What kindred his nose is, Day, like my mother, spend, And all the arrogance will leave you. 3rd participant: "I'm ready to help my mother," - Our Artemka says. But the toys clean up His arm hurts. 4th participant: We chastushki sang to you And they are ready to give advice: 

Mom's more help, They can live a hundred years! Scenario "On the phone with my mother" 

Scenario "On the phone with my mother" There can be absolutely different funny sketches for Mother's Day. We propose to continue our script with this conversation: Hello, Mom! Hello dear! How are you? I'm fine, thank you. I did not congratulate you, there was no time. No, I'm not coming. When? As I can. Hello! How's your brother doing? Healthy? Got my package? Have you made a rosette? A brother can not? He's already an adult? Is it not in the kindergarten, is it difficult? Hello! Is everything OK? I received your letter. Will win and return. Did you find a school diary? Where did I write without a "to" rocket? Hello! No need to cry ... Sunday. Maybe later. Absolutely crocheted. Yes. I dress warmly on the street ... Out of cotton! I'm buying food in the supermarket ... Mom, well ... Mom! Hello! Something happened? Jam with tea, add the lemon. No I can not. In the New Year or after ... There are a lot of works. I miss very much. Oh, brother. Great! I hasten to visit you. Mamulya how is it? I'll be back soon, brother. Food. 

mothers day songs for kids

Plot of the speech: "Profession - Mom" Presenter:

 We are proud of our mothers, are glad of their success in work. But the most important thing is that they are the keepers of the hearth: they will cook the most beloved, create comfort, warm themselves with love and care. After all, the most important thing is the family, from which the source of life comes, and the head in it is the mother. A boy comes to the stage and says: "Our grandmothers will show funny sketches for Mother's Day." Reads verses: There are many different professions, We can not count them all: Turners and divers, Engineers and doctors. It is necessary to choose necessarily. Who to become? Where to go? To be a banker, a steelmaker Or in the pilots to go? Then the song "Profession - Mama" of the ensemble "Rainbow" plays. During the song, large photos of young children are taken out in the clothes of various workers. Then the verse "How I stayed at home" is read. Our mother went On an hour from home And she punished me, To the cat shore. I became our cat Treat with powders, But the cat ran away Great jumps! I ran after the cat, Tortured, wet And suddenly I heard, How the lock clicked.
Hooray! This is Mom! Coming soon! Music plays: "My mother left for an hour".

emotional skit on mother

Papino congratulations Host: 

And now I ask you to leave one of the dads and continue our script of the holiday to Mother's Day, read the poems. Dad reads: Who, the kids, love you so much? Who prepares food for you? Who cares about you At night, without closing the eyes? The children answer: Mommy dear. Who on a dream will tell a fairy tale? Who will sing you songs, dance? Who will give you toys? Children in Chorus: Our mother is golden. 

Scenes "Mom in the woods" and "Know your child by the ear" Host: 

And now, women, we'll see how you find your child in the woods at night. These are the most ridiculous scenes. Mother's Day (in the House of Culture, it passes or somewhere else - it does not matter) just can not do without humor and fun. On the stage, moms stand with their eyes closed, the children around them. Children walk around and say "ay". Mom, without opening her eyes, must know her child by voice. A child standing in a circle like an arrow from a clock, stretching out his hand, turns and says the words: "Our arrow turn, who are brave, show us!" Mom, who stand in a circle, waiting for the child to stop. On whom the shooter hit, that mother becomes the leader. Her eyes are blindfolded, and the children go in turn and give her ear a touch. She must know her child. Moderator: Well done! They recognized their children. 

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"Guess the answer." Puzzles Further in our program - "Family chronicle" and funny sketches for Mother's Day. 

For participation 6 couples are invited (mother and child). Moderator: Anything that is somehow connected with the birth of a baby carries a blood relationship. A child from a box takes a piece of paper with a question, and the mother on the sheet writes the answer to the same question and gives it to the presenter. It is necessary to guess the answer of the child. While mom writes on a piece of paper the answer, he thinks what to say. Then he answers this question orally. Mom's answer is read. 

Mom quotes from daughter i love you

Childhood memories Video clip "Interesting Facts". Host: And now we will show you a fascinating video, where you can evaluate our moms. How much effort was invested, work in our upbringing. Optionally, the script should include only ridiculous sketches for Mother's Day. Funny performances of children will also find a place in it. They can be shown in the video. Each photo is commented: here he decided to try the snow; here the kid decided to take up creative work, painted all the wallpaper; he twisted an interesting grimace or snickered funny; I tried my mother's cosmetics; climbed up where it should not be; as the first time she kissed the girl. Then the song "Ladybug" plays. Children take out a large painted ladybug. In the process of the song, color specks are attached to it. On the spots are inscribed the most affectionate, gentle wishes to mothers. 

mother day activity ideas

Happy mothers day script

Funny Games

The game "Children's Trouble". Host: I invite two parents and five children on the stage. 

Materials: children's soft toys (rabbit, bear, cat and dog). The purpose of the scene is to find your child and the toy he chose. First, children choose the toy that they liked. Then parents are shown toys. They ask what kind of toy their child has chosen. Parents should guess which toy the son or daughter was chosen to name it. Then each child, standing behind the parents, in turn says: "This is me." Mom must guess the child by voice. The winner is the one who correctly names the toy and guesses who her child is, by voice. The game "The Cap". Moderator: Now we will experience sons and daughters. How did they learn to develop their ability to sculpt, draw? Will they be able to make a hat for their mother from improvised materials? They are in the help of multicolored paper, tinsel, gum, glue, scotch tape, scissors. All children are welcome. Everyone has a set of materials. Each of them makes a hat. All this lasts no more than 2 minutes. Then the hats are put on the heads of the mothers. And the one with the hat sitting best on the head is given the Medal of Honor Mom, and the children are given the medal "Creative Personality". The rest are given encouraging sweet prizes. 

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