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Happy Mothers Day Script on Mother's Day Play and Skit for School

Role play on mother's day 2020

The scene is decorated with balls. Before the concert begins, pleasant music sounds in the hall. The hall is festively decorated. On the slides, the children's drawings of the mother are leafed through . At the beginning of the holiday sounds crying, laughter - a child. Because of the wings in the set, air blue balloons fly (it can be different).

Happy Mothers day pic

Against the backdrop of music, the words behind the scenes sound:

Past the clumsy poplar 
Che, childhood in sandals protopalo, 
I followed him out the window, 
Childhood, with a doll in the hand went away ....

A girl comes out in big room slippers with a doll in her hands, against a background of music she recites a poem:

My mom is tired. 
At home - and here work. 
That she was playing - 
This is my concern.

If she prick her finger, 
She'll kiss her fingers. 
"Oh, you, my minx ..." 
Mom will put off the embroidery frame.

Nose buried in the palm of your hand, 
And the evening becomes warmer. 
With mom, even a pony It 
's easier to run around in circles.

I always walk with my mother. 
We do not interfere with puddles! 
Mom plays with me - 
I'm her minx!

On both sides, leading take the girl by the hand.

Host 1. Hello friends!

Moderator 2. Good afternoon! Today we are happy to see on the holiday, our sweet and affectionate mothers, loving and caring grandmothers and dear teachers.

Presenter 1. We are very pleased that it was our guests who came to us most beautiful, affectionate, kind and beloved mothers and grandmothers.

Leader 2. Our dear! We invited you to a holiday to express to you your deep love, respect and great gratitude.

(Because of the scenes, the boys of the theatrical collective "Rampa", the director TN Plop, go out and pick up the balls and say poetry)

Happy MoM Day


Mother ... We call this earth, 
When we grow bread and flowers, 
When in a rocket above it we soar 
And see what it is from the height:

Clean, clean, all blue - 
This is probably because 
mothers walk on it, smiling at 
Children, their future.

Black, white - different mothers. 
It is very difficult for them sometimes. 
Happens, their lips are compressed stubbornly, 
But in kind eyes a smile is always.

This is a piece of the sun for their children, 
This, perhaps, is the hope of a ray ... 
Mom! Mama! With a name that 
I would like to rise in a rocket.

Above the highest clouds. 
I would take flowers - a billion bouquets - 
And I would scatter them over the planet. 
Mom will get them, smile - 
And at once the summer will come . (K. Ibryaev, "Mother")

The children of the choir "Zvezdochka" run out onto the stage and sing the song "Far from Mom", the head of M.M. Boytsova.

Lead 1. Mom! How capacious, how beautiful this word is. It is drawn to the one that gave life, and the life of each of us in childhood is made up of small, sometimes invisible grains of mother's tenderness and care.

Leading 2. It's nice when this concern can be felt in the walls of our native school, from our school moms. The word for greetings is given to the mother of many children, the principal of the school, Marina Borisovna Svetlova.

(Director's speech)

Lead 1. Our kids - first-graders continue to please moms. Meet!

(First graders speech)

(A children's song sounds.) First-graders go on the stage.)

Happy MoM Day 2018


I love you, my mother, for what, I do not know, I 
guess, for the fact that I live and dream, 
And I rejoice in the sun, and in the light of day, 
For what do I love you? 
For the sky, for the wind, for the air around. 
I love you, Mom, 
You are my best friend.


Neither tired nor knowing, 
No rest every hour, 
Day and night, my own mother. 
Everything worries about us. 
We cradled, fed, 
At the bed of the song sang to us. 
The first of us she taught 
Good words of joy.

Girl: Who came to me in the morning?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Boy: Who said "it's time to get up!"?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Girl: Kasha who managed to cook?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Boy: Do I have tea in my glass?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Girl: Who picked flowers in the garden?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Boy: Who kissed me?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Girl: Who does the child like to laugh?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

Boy: Who is the best in the world?

All (in chorus): Mommy!

(Kids are leaving)

2. Mother is a huge window into the world. It helps the kid to understand the beauty of the forest and sky, the moon and the sun, clouds and stars ... Mama's lessons are for life.

Son, wake up, the first snow fell!

Dear daughter, look, the snowdrop has blossomed!

Lead 1. About many mothers said a lot of words, many unspoken lives in the heart of each of us ...

Leading 2. In our favorite school live and study children from large families, and we want to introduce you to mothers who skillfully create a family home:

1. Solodovnikova Sveta will tell us about her mother Olga Petrovna. (Speech)

2. Nikitin Masha and Andrei introduce us to my mother - Svetlana Ivanovna. (Speech)

3. Thank you Masha and Andrew, and we meet Bolshakov Katerina, who prepared a story about my mother - Valentina Nikolaevna. (Speech)


Happy Mothers Day snaps 2018

Leading 1. Words mother, mother - one of the most ancient on Earth. They almost equally sound in the languages ​​of different peoples of the world. How much heat is there in the word, which we call the closest, dearest and only man!

There is a song for you in Ukrainian "Mama", performed by the soloist of the vocal group "Caprice" - Karina Fedorova, head M.M. Boytsova.

Leader 2. Every second in the world, three people are born, and they too will soon be able to pronounce the word "mother". From the first day of the life of the child, the mother lives with his breath, his tears and smiles. Mother's love is also natural, like the blossom of a lilac, like the first spring rain. The sun warms the earth and everything alive, and her love warms the life of the baby.

Leader 2. The life of each of us in childhood is made up of small, sometimes invisible grains of mother's tenderness and care.

We continue to get acquainted with moms:

4. Lokis Olga introduces us to her mother - Tatyana Borisovna. (Speech)

5. Sheveleva Natalia and Anton will tell about Mom - Inna Nikolaevna. (Speech)

Leading 1: Our moms rise in the early morning. It is necessary to redo the domestic affairs and not be late for work. They have golden hands, and they also have the most loyal and sensitive heart. We'll get sick - our mothers will cure us, we will be sad - they will console us, and if they become scared, they will certainly save us.

Sounds the song "Rechka-rivushka" in the performance of the vocal group "Caprice", the head of M.M. Boytsova.

6. Tadjibova Aliya prepared a story about her mother Aminat Alievna. (Speech)

7. Bagautdinova Bella with deep love and gratitude will tell about Khushurmat Alievna's mother. (Speech)


Mom day images quotes 2018

Leader 1. Time runs inexorably, parents grow old before our very eyes, but their soul is still young!

Lead 2. Love for the mother is embedded in us by the Creator of the universe. This feeling lives in man until the end of his days.

Try to say kind words when mother can hear them.

In the performance of the trio, the song "Mama, You Live ..." sounds, the head of M.M. Boytsova.

Presenter 1. Babies love parents recklessly. This after years come restraint, severity. But here there is a sense. After all, the mother is not all the same to whom we are friends, with whom we walk, which means that she loves and cares for us! Lead 2. Mom can scold us, a little "spoil your nerves" - well, let. This is for our benefit.

8. Barsukovs Alexandra and Boris talk about my mother - Oksana Valeryevna. (Speech)

9. Magomedov Rinat with a deep sense of respect and love introduces us to his mother Mininor Babekovna. (Speech)

10. Kurbanov Valery and Nikolai came to tell about his mother Galina Vasilyevna. (Speech)

Lead 1. Do not quarrel with the person closest to us. And no matter how often we tried to force him out of the heart, replacing him with our best friends and girlfriends, nothing will happen. In difficult and bitter hours we still remember our mother, the closest and dearest person.

The poem "My Mom" ​​is performed by Victoria Plop, a pupil of the 8th "B" class.

On the cool palms of the sunset The 
red wind cherishes the dawn, 
And as a child far away 
I once called you, my mother. 
I'm in a hurry to the sad sounds 
Forever leaving the day, 
And your, Mom, tender hands, 
Warm me with love. 
As an infant, as a sweet child, 
I will fall asleep in this joyful moment. 
And I do not need more happiness 
In addition to your tender embrace. 
Days are circling week after week, 
In the dance of personal problems and worries, 
But the origins of my cradle 
Protect from anxiety and adversity. 
And when 
your native and smiling look is very sad , 
My memory then returns 
These days are golden back.
These good times happiness 
Forever for myself I will save, 
As your tender voice, believe me. 
Calms my soul. 
And you always understand me, 
Frankly wish good, 
And secretly bless 
You for any business. 
Sometimes I'm lamenting over me 
For words, for my misdemeanors. 
But forgive, forgive, forgive 
This supreme power of Love. 
And I now understand a lot, 
Before you in an infinite debt. 
And as before, I promise you, 
Only I can not swear anything. 
In time, I will still know the 
depth of maternal love. 
And as in my childhood I remember 
Mama, your warm hands.

Sounds the song "Mother's hands" performed by Tatiana Erhova.

Leading 2. Mums love us the way we are, but our mother's most cherished desire is to see us healthy, kind and intelligent. And we want to see them always young, cheerful and cheerful. Try to be grateful ..., and not just take everything for granted ...

Mom day images quotes 2018

Come out boys, they say the text:

When you were 1 year old, she fed you and cleaned up for you. In gratitude, You cried all night.
When you were 2 years old, she taught you to walk. In gratitude, You ran away when she called you.
When you were 3 years old, she cooked delicious food for you. In gratitude, You threw the plate on the floor.
When you were 4 years old, she gave you a pen to teach you how to draw. In gratitude, You painted on the walls.
When you were 5, she dressed you in beautiful clothes, In gratitude You came home smeared in the mud.
When you were 6, she wrote you to school. In gratitude, You shouted that you do not want to go to class.
When you were 10, she waited for you to come from school to hug you. In gratitude, You ran to your room.
When you were 18, she cried at your graduation party. In gratitude, You asked me to buy you a car
When you were 20, she asked you to stay with your family. In gratitude, You spent all your time with friends.
When you were 25, she helped you with the cost of a wedding. In gratitude, You lived with your wife as far away from her.
When you were 30, she gave you advice about your children. In gratitude, You asked her not to interfere in your personal life.
When you were 35, she called and invited you to dinner. In gratitude, You answered that you have no time and you can not.
When you were 40, she called and said that she was sick and needed your support. In gratitude, you said: The problems of parents always go to children.
Love your mother -

do not leave her;
do not forget her;
do everything in your power to make her happy, despite what she does or says;
never be angry with her, do not say a word that it can upset her or break her loving heart;
you only have one mom !!!
Sounds the song "Mom-the first word" in the performance of the vocal group "Premier", head M.M. Boytsova.

The readers come out and on the background of music say the words:

No matter how enticed you run the events, 
As would not be in your maelstrom, 
Keep your mother's eyes out of the smell of 
resentment, from the burdens and worries.

If you become a heart you are harsh, 
Be, children, more affectionate with her. 
Take care of the mother from the evil word. 
Know, children hurt all the sick.

If your mother is tired, 
you need to give them a break. 
We all give the order, we remind: 
Children, children, take care of your mother!

Dear our mothers, keep always:

- his youth;

- charm;

- beauty;

- good health;

- your smile;

- And the love of your loved ones !!!

All: We love you !!!

I hope you all enjoyed a lot mother's day one act play.

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