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How is Mother's Day Celebrated Around The World

Mothers Day Traditions Around The World

To date, almost every country has an international holiday in honor of mothers. Mother's Day congratulates its addresses to all pregnant women and women who have children, unlike on the Eighth March, when all the representatives of the fairer sex hear rosy and warm words. It should be noted that the successors of the family were revered at all times. Many centuries ago in Ancient Greece there was a festival dedicated to the goddess Rei - the mother of many gods, and in Rome there was a religious celebration in honor of the goddess Cybele. On the last Sunday of the Great Post, Mother's Day wishes mothers of England. It is on this day that all mothers are brought an original cake called "mother". And in the wealthy houses the servants receive a day off. Also the tradition of presenting a cake decorated with twelve balls of marzipan existed in the UK, it has been preserved to this day. Here on this day all the homework is shifted to the man's shoulders. 

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Mother's Day Traditions 

But only thanks to the United States, Greets on Mother's Day can be heard by women all over the world, as this holiday has become international. In 1907, Anna Jevris, who lost her mother, began to appeal to all state bodies with the purpose of creating a day of veneration of mothers. And in three years she managed to achieve this. So (for the first time in Virginia) the official Mother's Day was recognized . Congratulations on this day could get all the residents of the state, who had children. Somewhat later, in 1914, the US president established an official holiday of all states, which is celebrated to this day in the second Sunday of May. This holiday among Americans is on the fifth place after Christmas and Easter, Father's Day and St. Valentine's Day. By tradition, all sons must visit their mothers and give them a gift.

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International Mother's Day 2020

In Australia, this event also falls on the second Sunday in May. On this day, all the children are giving congratulations to their mothers, giving them flowers and gifts, preparing breakfast for them and bringing them to bed. It is interesting that in this country on clothes wear a carnation flower. If it is colored, then the mother of the person is alive. 

In Russia, since 1998, on the last Sunday of November, Mother's Day is celebrated. Congratulations on this day hear all those who have children, as well as pregnant women. The purpose of the celebration is to maintain a gentle and quivering attitude towards the weaker sex, to consolidate family traditions, and to consolidate the importance of the mother in the life of each person in the mind. On this wonderful day, all mothers express gratitude for their contribution to the development and well-being of children.

 To date, everyone, giving proper maternal labor, brings to the females their congratulations. Mother's day is very often accompanied by musical performances, festive dinners. In many countries, women are given cards, flowers and gifts. Traditions that have come down to us are quite diverse and are supported in many countries. Often congratulations are accompanied by some folk rituals. 

It should be noted that respect for motherhood, which is common in every country in the world, can be explained by the role played by the mother in the life of the child. After all, caring for a baby is hard work, which requires increased responsibility, as well as dedication, warmth, and, most importantly, participation in his life. That is why the purpose of such a holiday as Mother's Day is not only to strengthen traditions and values ​​in families, but also to increase the social significance of women who raise children. 

Nowadays, using modern technologies, many people send Moms day greetings to their mothers in the form of text messages. But do not forget that the best gift for mom is a kind attitude, warmth and love of her children, so you need to visit your relatives from time to time. 

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