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How To Celebrate Mother's Day Event in School | Mother Day Activities Theme Ideas 2020

Mother's Day Activity Ideas For School 2020

Mother's Day is a relatively new in many countries. The second Sunday in May became the red day of the calendar only in 1998. Not so long ago it began to be celebrated in kindergartens and schools. By this day, children usually prepare with a special zeal, because on the holiday will come favorite mothers, who want to please and poetry, and songs, and drawings. Kids organize exhibitions and rehearse skits. And that the guests do not relax, the teachers together with their students come up with or select interesting competitions for Mother's Day. Below consider the most popular. 

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Mother day Activities for kindergarten:

Contests for Mother 's Day in kindergarten:

Kids in kindergarten are eagerly awaiting when their parents will participate in interesting tests. The host of the festival calls out from the audience several participants, and each child dreams that it is his mother who came on the stage. Humorous competitions do not cause any difficulties for anyone, but they give a lot of positive emotions to both participants and spectators. To ensure that everything was just like that, competitions for mothers on Mother's Day should be chosen wisely: not too simple, but not very complex, good, without hints and ambiguities. 

"Beat the ball" 

mother's day activities for preschoolers

For the game will need from 3-5 adroit participants. They are given a lot of inflated balloons. At the command of mom take on one of them and try to burst in any way. Someone can step with a heel, someone - prick with nails, the main thing - to destroy more balls. In order to prove his victory over another rubber rival, it is necessary to pick up his remains. By the number of former balls and the winner is calculated. 

Mother's day activities for preschoolers

"Guess a son (daughter)" 

Two or three mothers blindfolded and put before the line of children. Participants should feel their child by touch. To complicate the task in front of the mothers, boys are placed only the male part of the group. With girls it's easier - parents can focus on hair, bows and hairpins when they touch the child's head. Therefore, the tutor can bring intrigue into the competition, removing the most outstanding details of the outfits from the small fashionistas. 

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Mother's Day Celebration ideas in School:

"Know yourself"

 This test will not only show the most attentive and sensitive mothers, but will also let them learn about themselves something new. The essence of the contest is that the children in the group make up a verbal portrait of the main woman in their life in advance , after which the sheets with descriptions are mixed and the presenter reads the text. Which mother recognizes herself - she won. The more winners, the better! A very simple variant is suitable for very small children: let them not describe their mother, but draw. And they will look for their portrait among a couple of dozen strangers. 

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Mother's day celebration ideas in school

Culinary competitions:

 Mom is the main cook in the family. She prepares daily and must understand the cooking. Therefore, competitions for mothers on Mother's Day, associated with products and recipes, will necessarily be successful. The simplest in the preparation of the test: 

  • Clean the potato: who will cope faster or get the longest cleaning. 
  • Record more than all dishes whose names begin with a certain letter. 
  • To the touch recognize small kitchen utensils: spoons, forks, corolla, attachments from a mixer, a noise, etc.

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Mother day Theme Ideas

Contests for Mother's Day at school:

Educational institutions also celebrate this holiday every year. Junior students can use the same competitions for Mother's Day as babies. But at their disposal and more complex tests, preparation for which requires a certain time and special props. 


The teacher collects from the children in advance one thing that is required for them to study. For example, a pencil case, a diary, some special pen, a ruler (of a nonstandard type). The collected is packed into an opaque bag. Lead in turn pulls out items and asks: "Who lost?" If the mother finds out the thing of her son or daughter, she should raise her hand. Win all those who guessed.

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On competing parents watch fun, however, and children should not sit all holiday aside. For them, too, you can arrange fun tests. Contests for Mother's Day in the school can show the audience new skills and knowledge that children have acquired there. The decision of mathematical examples on speed, word guessing by the type of telecast "Field of Miracles", etc. 

Joint competitions

Some tests require the teamwork of an adult and a child, which is why they are the most interesting. Such competitions for the Mother's Day must necessarily be included in the festive program. 


It is necessary to prepare 5-10 small opaque containers and as many clean spoons. In the dishes put any food: jam, honey, condensed milk (simple and boiled), sour cream - in general, everything that is available. Mums are blindfolded. Children take a spoon in their hands and treat the contestants that they chose (for each participant - one dish). Mom must guess what her child was doing. The range of treats to the last remains a mystery. This is an example of the fact that competitions for Mother's Day not only entertain people, but also teach adults to trust children. It's not so easy to give the baby a spoon, suddenly drop on a blouse or nurse something else. 

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Mother day activity ideas:


Two pairs of participants (mother + child) are at one end of the hall (class). In the opposite side there is a supermarket table where food products (artificial ones) and household goods (sponges, soap, cans from shampoos, brushes, utensils) are stacked. Adults are given "shopping lists", where are indicated from 7 to 15 positions from those that are in the "store". Mom calls the child one thing, he runs to the table, takes the necessary and comes back. Then he gets a new task - and again in the way. Which team will quickly collect all the list, and she won.

Do you need prizes?

For the competitions dedicated to Mother's Day, they become even more interesting, it is necessary to provide prizes for the winners. Let them be purely symbolic. For example, cardboard medals or cups with inscriptions, candies, balloons are suitable. 

Each child will be pleased to take home a physical confirmation of his and Mom's success. And the host should take care of that none of the guests left without a reward.

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