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Inspirational and Thoughtful Mother's Day Quotes | Mom Mothers Day Sunday, 10 May 2020

Mom's Day Sunday, 10 May 2020

Why Mother's Day is celebrated? 

Mom, mamulechka, mommy ... The very-very first conscious, as well as the most-most important word in the life of each of us. And no matter how and in what language it sounds. The main thing is that exceptional meaning and the love that we put into these few sounds. How much warmth and happiness conceals this magic word, after all, so we call the closest, dearest, dearest, exceptional and only person! For all people, mom is a symbol of happiness, warmth, caring, tenderness, beauty, love, caring. After all, there is not, and can not be, anyone in the world who is more dear to his mother. Regardless of age, we need her voice, caress and care.   

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The most kind and beautiful in the world, my mother will always find the right advice, the right words for comfort. There are times when even realizing that your mother will not approve your purchases, you are still consciously reaching out to her. She alone understands you better than anyone else. However, not everyone understands how much she needs to give everything that she gave us for so many years - from sleepless nights when we were just born, to her last breath. Congratulations on Mother's Day - that's what can please our moms! 

Mums day or Mother's Day 2020 usa: 

Mother's Day in Russia is relatively recent - about 15 years, although in other countries - in the United States, Canada, Japan, etc. - this holiday is celebrated for almost a hundred years. And in the UK, as early as the 17th century, people celebrated the "Maternal Resurrection." However, as it is not sad, this holiday is not celebrated in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union. After all, you will agree, congratulations on Mother's Day you hear less often than congratulations on Valentine's Day or on March 8. And the events for Mother's Day are not held at all. 

Mother's Day Holiday in 2020

On this day in many countries of the world there is a custom to attach cloves to the outer clothing. And, it is of great importance which color of a carnation. So, white flowers indicate that the mother is no longer alive, while the colored carnations say that the mother of a person lives to this day. And why is white color a sign of mourning? Because in many cultures, white is identified with death. So, even among the ancient Slavs. Surely this was due to the cult of dying and resurrection of nature, that is, with the winter, with snow, the color of which is white. 

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Another interesting fact is that in Russia Mother 's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of November, while almost all over the world - on the second Sunday in May. This holiday is different from March 8, which is considered to be a day of beauty and motherhood, as Mother's Day is accepted only by mothers and pregnant women, descendants that soon they will join the ranks of happy parents, become mums and take care of their children. 

Mummy's Day 2020

The beauty of mothers, like the theme of motherhood as a whole, has always found itself in art. Almost all artists and poets addressed this topic directly or indirectly. However, imagine how happy it will be for mother to receive congratulations on Mother's Day from her children. Especially if the gift is made by hands, and not bought in any store. For example, it can be a cake with a declaration of love to a mother, a handmade card or simply a sweater or scarf, just knitted with love. This will be for Mom another reminder that you appreciate her love and care. After all, every mom, regardless of age, to some extent heroine, at least in that she increased the population of the globe.   

Do not disappoint your mothers, give them the same joy and love that they once gave you. After all, the meaning of her life lies in you. And do not forget about Mother's Day, because this is another chance to express your gratitude for the life given to you. Appreciate every moment spent next to your mother, just as your mother appreciated every little achievement - from the first smile to the first steps. 

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