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Mom Love Greetings Wishes Quotes Sayings Messages Happy Mother's Day Mum

Mother's Day is an international holiday dedicated to the most important woman in the life of every person ...

On this day it is customary to wish their mothers, unlike the International Women's Day, when all female representatives accept greetings.

Stop in the cycle of things and remember the most precious person in life, call if you are far away, and tell me how much you love her and appreciate ....

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How can I wish my mother on a holiday

 Mothers day greetings to a friend to a wife to a daughter to a sister:

Due to the fact that this holiday is quite young, he did not manage to develop a large number of traditions and rituals, but some actions are still considered traditional.

Since the morning, every child, even if you are already out of childhood, should wish your dear mother. It does not matter how it will be done: by phone, in person, on the Internet or skype. The main thing is that on that day mother heard the cherished "Greetings!".

Do not forget about the form of greetings. It can be oral, and you can present a beautiful bouquet that will certainly raise your mother's mood. A more valuable gift is at your discretion, but the most precious gift for the mother will be the warm embrace of her child and the words of love and gratitude.

In most cases, just have a heartfelt talk and an evening with your mom. Even such little attention will give her the strength to live many more years.

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In some cities there are actions - men are stocked with small presents or flowers and give them to all passers-by women, as a sign that they admire their main purpose in life - to give birth, raise and raise a child.

Symbol of the holiday Mother's Day

In the US and Australia, there is a tradition to wear a carnation flower on that day. And color matters, so the colored carnation says that the mother of the person is alive, and the white flowers are pinned to the clothes in memory of the departed mothers.

 Every body is looking for Heartfelt mother's day message from daughter from sons and from all friends.

In the world, Social Action for Mother's Day has been held for several years already - "Mom, I Love You!"

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The symbol of Social Action is the forget-me-not-a-legendary flower, which, according to popular beliefs, has a wonderful power to bring back memories to people who have forgotten their loved ones.

In different countries Mother's day is celebrated on different dates

in Russia - on the last Sunday of November
in Belarus - October 14
in Georgia - March 3
in the UK - on the first Sunday in March
in Armenia - on April 7
in the Republic of Kazakhstan - on the third Sunday of September
in Ukraine, Estonia, the USA, Malta, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Brazil - on the second Sunday in May
in Spain and Portugal - on the first Sunday in May
in Sweden and France - on the last Sunday in May
in Kyrgyzstan - the third Sunday in May
in Greece - May 9
in Poland - on May 26

Greetings for the holiday Mother's Day

I want to wish you, Mom, 
Always you will be the most, 
I love and respect you, 
And only one thing I know for sure - 
That only my mother will not betray, 
And give me a helping hand. 
I wish you health, 
And I wish you on a beautiful day!


Without sleep of your nights a lot has passed, 
Caring, worrying for us is not counted, 
Earthly bow to you, dear mother 
For what you are in the world!


I so want my mother to smile, 
To never be sad in my life, 
To always succeed in everything, 
So that you do not recognize that there is trouble. 
On Mother's Day, my beloved, I wish 
that you stayed forever like that! 
To you I dedicate these lines - To the 
beautiful mother, dear!

Mothers day wishes for friends


i love you mom quotes from daughter

Dear Mom, 
I gave birth to life, I want to wish you with all my heart. 
What to wish you do not even know, 
I know one thing - that I love you!

Let your heart not tear to pieces. 
Peace, good luck, warmth, kindness, 
Much health, joy, happiness, the 
sun, smiles, love, beauty!

Let the weather and slush outside the window, 
Do not grieve, do not cry, do not be sad - 
Know that with you I will always be there. 
Whatever happens, take care of yourself!

You keep your tenderness, care. 
In the heart of the spring let it live with you, 
To not know, dear, you are grief. 
Happy Mother's Day, I wish you!

Do not be sad when I'm not around, 
Call, I'll always come running. 
I'll whisper softly that I love you, Mom! 
And, like a child, I'll hug you.

I only wish one wish - 
To live longer. 
You are for me, my dear mother, 
Light source, ray of sun, goodness!

I will kiss the tender hands. 
Thank you for having me. 
Closer there is no man for me, 
Mother, dear, I pray for you!


I wish all mothers on this planet, 
that the children were healthy and happy, 
joked, laughed, sang a 
song, strived, tried, wanted to study.

So that you will be respected, so that you will be helped. 
And your heart, so that the alarms do not know. 
Let the children please success with successes 
And happiness shines from my mother's eyes.


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Happy mothers day mum

Mother, dear, dear, dear, 
You are the only one of mine. 
And on Mother's Day I will wish you, 
Long years, love, warmth in your soul.

I embrace you tight and whole, 
To live in prosperity and without troubles. 
I will not stop loving you. 
For me, you do not care.


The first word, the first step 
Remember only mother and first lesson. 
Tears, resentment and our smiles, 
Mom always forgives us mistakes.

Today is Mother's Day in our country, 
We will embrace our mother more doubly. 
Thank you for the love through the years, 
Let happiness surround you always!

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