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Mother's Day Tribute To Brave Women and Pillars of Our Lives Happy Moms Day

Happy Mum's Day 2020

We do not need a special day to remind our mother of all that it means for us, to thank her for all her efforts and to tell her how much we love her

Mother's Day is traditionally celebrated during the month of May . In some countries it is day 1, and others place this festivity only a few weeks later.

Be that as it may, something that many of us are clear about is that we do not need a specific day to remember what a mother symbolizes in our lives.Both in our role as children , and in your habitual reality if you are also a mother, you will undoubtedly know how wonderful that bond is that defines us and that, in some way, gives us so much strength.

From our space we invite you to celebrate this day as a special moment, in which, remember how important that person is to you.In turn, it is also worth reflecting a little on the role of motherhood, and all those personal changes that have been generated in you in case you have children.

Being a mother is discovering how strong you can become. The bond with a son transcends our senses, and feeds an umbilical cord that remains very present despite the years that have passed since we brought them to the world ...

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Mother's day: origin

Far from thinking that the day of the mother responds to a simple economic purpose and marketing, we must remember, above all, the role that women and mothers have had throughout the history of humanity as creative entities .

Think of the goddess Gea of ​​ancient Greece, or the goddess Cybele in Rome or Asia Minor. However, let's see more examples.

The Aztecs
Motherhood was honored and extolled by the cultures that populated Mesoamerica before the Conquest. The Aztecs, for example, rendered a profound cult to the goddess Coyolxauhqui or Maztli, which was represented by the moon.
The mythology tells that Coyolxauhqui was killed by the stars, who felt jealous of her and did not want her to give birth. However, his son Huitzilopochtli, came to the world with great strength overcoming the darkness and acquiring the power of the sun.
Since then, the natives rendered devout cult to the mother goddess through precious sculptures of gold and silver.

In Europe, the first antecedent is found in the seventeenth century. It was during the fourth Sunday of Lent, when the Church was honored with flowers because it symbolized the "Mother Church".
Working women of this century were allowed to join their families and celebrate this special day.
Another key date to praise the need to celebrate this day was when, in 1870, the poetess and activist Julia Ward Howe wrote what is known as the "Mother's Day Proclamation".
In this letter he praised the need to defend peace, respect for nature and the protection of women who were mothers.After this proclamation, the women's movement and the continuous demonstrations in search of rights only started. From 1873 a day was established in which mothers could meet to talk about their personal realities.

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On May 12, 1907,  Ana Jervis  wanted to commemorate the day of the death of her mother and with him, in turn representing the role that women and mothers had in society .
Since then, Mother's Day is celebrated between May 1 and 15 in many countries around the world.

What a mother needs 

We all know what a mother represents, but ... Have we stopped to think about what they need? Sometimes, we get so used to receiving that we take it for granted that their role is, essentially, to offer, prioritize , attend to ...

It is worth reflecting on these dimensions for a few moments.


If for our mothers, in general, we are a priority and do not hesitate to leave what they are doing to help us, it is also necessary to take into account their own needs.

Offer them their space, enabling them to enjoy their hobbies, their times of rest and leisure where to be themselves.Maybe you do not say it very often, but mothers, before that gift you have prepared for this special day, will undoubtedly appreciate a kind word, a hug, a "you are the best and I thank you for everything you do for my".
What she wants

What a mother wants first of all is that her children are happy and reach their dreams, those who mark themselves and those who fight every day.

Now, while we embark on our journey as independent people, it is worth remembering that our parents and our mothers also enter another stage in which they have to face what is known as an "empty nest".

It is necessary that, at this stage, the mothers undertake many of those projects that, perhaps, they left parked while they raised us. Sure they love to sign up for a course, travel, find new spaces with whatever they want and that also makes you happy.

Our mother will always be there for us, but remember that we too must be there for them. 

Being a mother is not a profession, it is not something that the woman acquires by education, but a design of nature that gives women the capacity and aptitude to be a mother, a virtue that allows them to perpetuate the human species that makes them the be more loving of humanity.

Mothers' Day is a festivity celebrated in honor of mothers and celebrated on different dates of the year according to the country, we Nicaraguans honor our mothers in May. 

This day was created by Julia Ward Howe, in 1870, originally as a mothers' day for peace, which later became a day for each family to honor their mother. This celebration has now been accepted in many places around the world.

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We share some thoughts, dedicated to our beautiful little mothers.

"The future of a child is always the work of his mother" Napoleon Bonaparte 

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever met. Everything I am, I owe to my mother. I attribute all my successes in this life to the moral, intellectual and physical teaching that I received from her "George Washington. 

"The hand that moves the cradle is the hand that rules the world" WS Ross 

"Mother's love is the fuel that allows a human being to do the impossible" Marion C. Garretty 

"The love of a mother does not contemplate the impossible "Paddock

"Congratulations to all our Nicaraguan Mothers in their day, they are the wishes of the National Hospitality and Tourism Technician".

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Mother's Day 2020 images to greet mom and short poems

"Mother only one, and like mine, no!" . The popular phrase sums up perfectly what everyone knows: that the best mother in the world is everyone's. And every May, on the occasion of  Mother's Day  (the first Sunday of the month in Spain, on other dates in other countries, such as May  10 in Mexico ), all children have the opportunity to show their devotion. by his progenitor. Here we offer a  selection of images and phrases  both celebrities and anonymous so you can congratulate your mom (if your mobile does not show the images,  access the classic version ). In addition,  Google has joined the celebration of Mother's Day with a 'doodle' with an animation of a 'cactus mother' caring for her son.

1.-  "Never in life will you find tenderness that is better, deeper, more disinterested and true than your mother's", by  Honoré de Balzac.

2.-  "The boy recognizes his mother by the smile", by  Virgilio.

3.-  "The love of a mother for a child can not be compared with anything else in the world: she knows neither law nor mercy, she dares everything and crushes everything that opposes her", by  Agatha Christie.

4.-  "Mothers, in your hands you have the salvation of the world", by  León Tolstoy.

5.-  "Growing up means nothing to a mother, a child is a child, they get bigger, older, but for them they are still their children", by  Toni Morrison.

6.-  "Everything I am, I owe to my mother, I attribute all my successes in this life to the moral, intellectual and physical teaching that I received from her", by  George Washington.

7.-  "Life begins by awakening and loving the face of the mother", by  George Elliot.

8.-  "When you are a mother, you are never alone in your thoughts." A mother always thinks twice, one for herself and one for her child ", by  Sophia Loren.

9.-  "My mother is my root, my foundation, she planted the seed on which my life is based, the belief that the ability to get what you want begins in your mind", by  Michael Jordan.

10.-  "The only love I believe in is the love of a mother for her children", by  Karl Lagerfeld.


1.-  "Mom, the best gift that I can give you and that I know is the one you will like the most, is my heart and all my love". 

2.-  "Even if I make a mountain with gifts, it will not be enough to thank you for everything you've done for me, Mama".

3.-  "For you, mother, you always had your arms open and your heart full of love towards me, I wish you all the happiness of the world".

4.-  "The perfect woman does exist and she married my father".

5.-  "A mother is someone who, despite all your failures, still loves you and cares as if you were the best person in the world."

6.-  "Stop looking for someone who loves you forever and does not abandon you, you already have it, it's your mother".

7.-  "For the world you are a mother, but for your family you are the world".

8.-  "The best thing about me is my mother".

9.-  "Mother, your love is truly blind because you began to love me before I saw how it was".

10.-  "Mothers take the hands of their children for a time, but their hearts forever."

MOTHER is the woman who is adored without measure. 
The example, the beautiful being that gave us life.

Mother is the one who always helps the broken heart. 
The one that gives support to the son who has been wrong.

It is the guide, as in the sea to the ship, the lighthouse. 
Friend that in each storm gives us his protection.

The proud woman illuminates the path, 
giving support every time the son has been lost.

Mother, that woman who always gives love, 
who takes care of us and pampers us even if we are not children.

Respectful of the silences and our bad days, 
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