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Nurses Week Theme Wishes Greetings Inspirational Quotes Sayings Messages

National Nurses Week 2020 in The World will begin on

Sunday, 6 May

and ends on

Saturday, 09 May

National Nurses Week 2020. 

One day before Mothers Day 2020 is International Nurses Day 2020 on Saturday, 09 May.

nurse day wishes

The world is Celebrating National Nurses Week with our brave care givers, passionate life savers and sharing gifts with them featuring the 2018 official theme, 

Nurses Week 2020 Theme:  Inspire Innovate Influence

Wishes to Nurses in 2020 in Verse and Prose

In this holiday of a nurse
Very kind and merciful
To say thank you all should
Sisters for the feat daily.

Their kindness, care, attention 
All patients are encouraged, 
From protracted diseases 
They are cured of cure.

Let droppers and injections 
Today you do not pester. 
Thank you, that we are healthy, 
We love you and congratulations.

My best friend
There is an occasion to roll a feast,
Celebrate a big table,
On the day of a nurse we'll have a drink.

Congratulate you from the heart, 
Let the holiday warm you, 
Maybe wine, maybe liquor. 
We'll drink for the nurses.


proud to be a nurse quotes

happy nurse day 2018

We often thank doctors for curing diseases and putting them on their feet, but, as a rule, we forget about those who daily, hourly, everyday treated. They put a dropper, injections, physiotherapy, dressings and monitor our well-being both day and night. These are our kind, caring, wonderful nurses. Today is a wonderful occasion to thank them for their attention, support, compassion and care. I congratulate all the nurses of the country on their professional holiday. I wish you patience, health and grateful patients. Thank you for your noble and very important work in medicine!

In the hospital there is such a position - a nurse,
At first glance, her work is so simple -
Ukolchik, dropper on time,
monitor compliance with hospital rules.

In fact, we know everyone - The 
work of a nurse in a hospital is very important. 
Without our kind and beautiful nurses, 
Russia will remain without hospitals.

Today in the professional holiday We 
congratulate the nurses of our glorious. 
No one dares to contradict you,   
For you are the chief doctor on this day.


Nurses our
Nurse all beautiful,
Smart, tactful,
decent girl. 
Patients reach for
our beauty. 
In a dressing-gown is beautiful,
White and sterile.
She's incredible,
It's nice to talk with her. 
Kind and patient
And very promising. 
We congratulate you,
In total, we wish
What you dream about in a dream
And you want to wake up!


My dear  I greet you on the international day of the nurse. I know how hard it is sometimes you have to. Working with people is not easy work, and working with sick people is a feat, daily and merciless. Therefore, on your holiday, I wish you patience, no matter what, excellent mood and energy. Let your profession bring you satisfaction and joy. More grateful patients, friendly colleagues and fair, tactful bosses. With the holiday of nurses!


Short nursing quotes

W Prica and drip too ...
You're eyes are always sharp,
Recover will help us
only a super-nurse. 

I want you in the work
Only successes wish,
Sometimes forget cares
And beautiful rest! 


happy nurse day quotes

D Orogen nurse! 

You are real angels, no wonder you are dressed in snow-white dressing gowns! This can be seen by your faces, good beautiful eyes and gentle smiles! You are the personification of spirituality, femininity, mercy and help! Your work is honored! Health to you for many years! 


M oya mother - a nurse
and I am proud of her work! 
It has so much life and work
With parental care! 

You're the best mother, the best!
And I wish to be happy to you! 
So that I could hear this laugh more often 
And so always, always was beautiful! 


On the day of the nurses I congratulate you - 
And in this day of soul desire, 
that for patients with mental remained, 
irreplaceable, always modern, 

To work you brought 
joy, your strength economized, 
to night shifts - quiet, 
And for a decent paying job !! 


Nurses Day Wishes 2020 

FromToday is your professional holiday, Day of the nurse. You always come to the aid of your patients, put the shot in time or measure the temperature. Your work is invaluable. On this holiday I want to wish you happiness, success, luck and only happy and grateful faces of your patients. Congratulations! 


M -pocket medical sister 
bothers me to sleep in the morning. 
"On injections!", "Procedures!", 
All is honest, without hackwork. 
I, my sister, are tired of being treated, 
I'm ready to marry you. 
Your dressing gown drove in, 
I did not become healthier. 
From that on the Day of Nurses 
, the Syll is critical and sharp. 
Be kind to me, sister, 
Let me sleep in the morning. 


DFor a girl - a nurse. 
Darling, do you know that a nurse is an erotic fantasy for many men? Therefore, if you are going to build eye sights by some nice patient, remember always that you have me. Happy Nurse Day! 


M Sister's sister Sinful 
, like a match. 
You are the fantasy of men. 
From inside we are burning. 

At the same time for the sick 
you are holier than all the saints. 
Angel on the Earth, 
Be happy twice. 


quotes for nurses appreciation

nurse day quotes

As a nurse, you are worthy of respect and honor. Your work is invaluable because patients trust you the most valuable - their health. Thank you for your work and all the best. Happy Nurse Day! 


FromThank you 
for her hard work, 
Do not make mistakes, 
We need to be here and there, 
Who needs to put a thermometer, 
And who to inject a prick, 
Without attention, do not leave, 
Or give validol. 
Everything in the world has time, 
Our (name) is a nurse, 
And in the world let everyone know 
Where is she, there is kindness. 

P ust not only on this day, but always heard in your address words of gratitude for the fact that you are helping people in the difficult moments of their lives, when the painful and frightening. Especially I want to wish you health, kindness, optimism, only positive emotions at work and at home. 


P usskay nurses affectionate 
The sun is shining red!
May the hand be easy, 
Beauty and happiness forever ! 

Give with you a glass 
For the entire medicine people! 
The sick - they became healthy, 
And there were no storms and tribulations! 


Since the day, doctors have proved that not only medicines, but also the psychological climate greatly affects the condition of patients. And if you do not talk scientifically, I just whole-heartedly congratulate you on the Day of the Nurse, I thank you for your sensitive concern and wish you happiness, love, a sea of ​​flowers and fulfillment of all your cherished desires! 


ToHow can I not go on getting better, when a nurse is so caring and just beautiful? Let me congratulate you on your holiday, sister! Let your mercy and kindness be rewarded by Destiny! Be always loved, live in joy and stay always the same charming and cheerful! 


For the injections, 
Who from night to morning 
calm and cheerful? 
Of course, nurse! 

Who is the eternal positive 
Pleases patients? 
Be happy, beautiful, 
Be the sun for them!


Famous nursing quotes 

P Congratulations on the Day of the nurse! From your hands and bitter medicine - like honey! Suppose you do not have a solid doctor's degree, but you can not measure your spiritual qualities! I from the bottom of my heart wish to live in a bright, joyful world, where there is always spring, where flowers blossom and dreams come true!

Thanks for taking such good care of me in the most difficult days of my life. Thanks for your unconditional services and patience. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Nurses Day.

You are the most hardworking person who takes best care of the patients without complaints. On Nurses Day, I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful selfless person.

It is truly strange that how people work with complete dedication to serve others and don’t get recognized for their unconditional services. Wishing you a Happy Nurses Day for such wonderful work.

Being a nurse is a profession full of difficulties and challenges with no thanks. You are a great nurse and you deserve a great thank you for your work. Wishing you a Happy Nurses Day.

We often fail to acknowledge the efforts and services of nurses who give their heart and soul into serving others. Thanks for your amazing services. Warm wishes on Nurses Day to you.

A nurse gives comfort, care and attention to others when they are in the most sensitive condition. You make the most wonderful nurse. Wishing you a very Happy Nurses Day.

It is not easy to give yourself away in serving others. Only a nurse as dedicated as you can do such a remarkable job. Wishing you a very Happy Nurses Day.

With your care and patience, you have touched many hearts. You have soothed so many pains with your skills. Thanks for being so kind and dedicated in your job. Happy Nurses Day to you.

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