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Proud to be a Nurse Quotes on International Nurses Day 2020: Nurses Who are Mothers as well 

Happy nurse day to all special work force of the society for serving this humanity with compassion and love. We love to appreciate your efforts in this profession and would continue showing our love and respect in this regard. Especially in the time of this pandemic crisis, services and heroic stories from doctors and nurses are appreciated a lot from the core of our heart. Huge Love and Respect to Nurses during this 2020 pandemic crisis.  

Without a nurse, no medical institution can be dispensed with. Sometimes the work of nurses seems simple and inconspicuous, but it's not! They are patient and polite, even when they have to assist during complex operations. 
From their competent and precise actions depends the outcome of the operation and, often, human life! At any time they are ready to provide qualified assistance to the patient. But this is not enough, you have to be a sincere, loving and kind person - because patients are also different. 
I sincerely wish you patience in our hard work, strong health, respect and great personal happiness!

Thank you message for nurses

nurses day messages

Spark of a campfire, 
Mercy girlfriend, 
Always on duty. 

Her work is sometimes difficult, 
And does not require a reward, 
Her duty is to help the patient, 
Where the medicine, where and the look. 

Let your holiday be the sun, 
And the smiles of the patients. 
All of you joy, health, 
And from the life of compliments.

We greet you today. 
We wish you recognition and all the best. 
We all without exception understand: 
Without a nurse can not do. 

Nurses who need help, 
They will never pass by. 
But many do not understand at all, 
What heavy work is entrusted to them. 

Your contribution to other people's destinies will be eternal. 
I wish your spirit to be strong, 
So that your work does not go unnoticed. 
And it was appreciated for its worth.

Happy nurse day quotes

With the day of the nurse, we are in a hurry to wish you. 
Today is the day of the international format. 
We wish that the salary is not a pittance, 
And that you keep ATMs at home! 

And let the health grow stronger every year, 
Let dreams and dreams come true, 
Always always carry unspeakably 
And before you open all the doors.

Happy Nurse I want to wish you! 
And most importantly - not cotton wool, a syringe and a tourniquet, 
And gentle, caring hands 
that will help and save. 

In your hands - the patient's health 
And his life. They are your treasure. 
And, from this moment, 
Let them kiss everyone - both old and young.

Wishes on the holiday, 
With a day of nurses! 
Fortunes, health, we wish, 
Let the heart do not extinguish! 

Let them increase your salary, 
Comparing with breadth of soul, 
And let your life be rich 
In the capital and in the rural wilderness!

You treat not only with appointments, 
you treat with kind words and participation, 
Every one of you, without exception , is just worthy of the 
simple human happiness. 

And on the day of your holiday I wish 
you lucky Always to you and in everything, the soul that sang, 
My heart was so cozy and warm, 
And to heaven the salary soared!

Wishes for Mother Nurse

Hello, dear mother, 
Celebration, - time to Wish! 
With the Medical Day of the sister, 
Who are you! 

So let me wish, 
Do not be sad and not sick! 
Grateful patients, 
To wait in the wards!

On duty until the morning 
Again, our nurse. 
We wish you well, 
Greetings on a special day! 

Let it get you everywhere, 
Every day and all year round. 
You help the sick, 
Trust all of them.

Today I'll get on the scooter 
And break my forehead against the wall! 
I am very happy today - 
So I'll be able to meet you! 

And I can personally congratulate you! 
Happy nurse, wish you much happiness! 
So that the work does not remain in debt for the work 
And so that the bad weather is avoided!

I congratulate you on the day of nurses. The

work of nurses can not be called simple. 
It will always help relatives and relatives. 
For the nurse, the hospital is home, 
"Thank you for caring," - let's say to her alone. 

In a merry day and let desire be fulfilled, 
Forever will disappear forever, 
And your life so let it be sweeter than honey, 
And there will be absolutely no ice in the relationship.

nurses day quotes 2018

Girls! Lovely! Happy Holidays to you! 
In this beautiful, spring day 
Do not tear off the beauties of the eyes! 
And I want to sing about spring! 

How much pain you see 
But how much you give life! 
Let us, after a long winter, 
For you, lovely, drink! 

Let the wounds drag on quickly! 
And your hands will be gentle. 
Let the thoughts be bright! 
And life - from spring to spring!

Nurses, my darlings! 
I want to wish you 
At least on this holiday 
A little rest! 

Your work is hard. 
Always a patient 
needs something. Yes, you do 
not hesitate. 

And in white you're dressing gowns 
Like angels, winged 
people Carry people help 
In their misfortune. 

Let the same luck 
haunt you more often, 
but let the same failure 
Do not meet anywhere.

Wishes to the miracle of a nurse

Who will always hear the sick? 
Who are they closer to the heads of doctors? 
Whose voice are we glad to hear? 
Whose holiday is this today? 

How to get rid of colds 
And to return a restful sleep 
You are not a woman you are a miracle! 

We follow the procedures, We 
keep a quiet hour, 
Even bitter medicines 
Became sweeter because of you! 

These hands are golden 
All chambers are in love, 
We are celebrating 
World Nurse Day today !

Our nurses are nimble like birds. They are enjoying 
their holiday cheerfully. 
And for their work, caress and care. 
We wholeheartedly congratulate them. 
Thank you sisters, 
For your kindness!

Always on the post, 
And for all is indispensable, 
Merciful and beautiful. 

We will wish on the hasty, 
Today is the day of the nurse, We will decorate this day with our 

Nurses day quotes

All the benefits to you in hard work, 
Let the air gait 
Also heals, heals, 
And the smile helps. 

Let the salary always grow, 
And as the best reward - 
There will be the joy of patients 
Handing out compliments.

I hear: "Remove your pants!". 
I understand - not a game. The nurse 
will now give me a shot 

What does not hurt, and without cones 
I thank her. 
Nurses, I 
thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

I wish them patience, 
optimism, easy shifts. 
Positive, mood, 
And pleasant changes. 

We appreciate very much, your hard work, 
on the labor fronts. 
Let, native, your hands 
never get tired!

Like a doctor, I'll sit down at the table 
And I'll appoint: a sharp needle 
Urgently on holiday to you to make an injection. 
From anguish, dear nurses, 

Daily caring massage, 
And love's solarium hourly, 
Inhalations of happiness, 
Too Drunk on the life of beauty, 

And mustard plasters on your side, 
Without mustard - with a passion only burning, 
And with a beloved for everyone LFK 
On the bed, but not to be raspy! 

Eh, if I became a minister, 
The right-most president of the president- 
I would order salaries to be raised by 
four hundred percent at once ... 

For now, let the 
Life become brighter and sweeter from these speeches ! 
And the salary ... We will ask doctors To 
appoint, that became wise,
Enemas to our ministers more often!

nurses day mwishes greetings

The nurse is an image of mercy. 
Kindness of the soul is full, honesty, zeal. 
Appointments of the doctor you carry out correctly. 
Greetings on a professional day! 

Happiness, tenderness, love, we wish sincerely, 
Let the spark in the eyes of joy often dance. 
For support in a difficult hour and for a warm word. 
Let your life be bright and kind.

Hand over handyman. 
How to behave in the hospital, 
Patiently explains. 

He will bandage and spread it, the 
Good Word will tell us. 
And the right way to point, 
And a smile will reward. 

For good work, 
And for tender care, 
For funny jokes 
We thank you. 

Today we wish 
you , We embrace you warmly. 
We wish a lot of joy 
And thank you.

Your difficult work, the 
Hippocratic Charter, 
Every day, their care, the 
medical staff. 

Guardian of health for the people, 
From morning to morning, 
And in any bad weather, 

Let less complaints with pain, 
Wat, injections, bubbles, 
In life - tenderness with love, 
And pot-bellied purses.

My mother is a nurse 
And I'm proud of her work! 
It has so much life and work 
With parental care! 

You're the best mother, the best! 
And I wish to be happy to you! 
So that I could hear this laugh more often 
And so always, always was beautiful!

Nurses day approached, 
And friends are all at the table, 
Let's toast to raise, 
Nurses congratulate! 

Wishes to accept, that kindness 
Surrounded you always, 
That sick you loved, 
your hands to appreciate! 

To the families was coziness, 
There love found shelter, 
Happiness of a woman, simple, 
Wife sympathetic, dear!

We kiss you , We 
wish you happiness, good. 
To have health at all you have enough 
At work, in the garden, by the fire! 
We are lifting you up 
On the most honorable pedestal, 
we wish you love and luck, 
To grow your potential!

Sister of Mercy - high rank, 
How much warmth and patience! 
They are afraid of pain and suffering, To 
defeat them is your destiny. 
Sometimes it is difficult to deal with patients, 
To please everyone, get everyone treated, 
Medicines to give and make all injections, 
Help with the disease not to accept. 
Let love and joy give you life, 
And heaven will be favorable, 
Because you give people health, 
Let your eyes shine with happiness.

A nurse will heal even with a look, 
Professionalism and soul, 
Potential is inexhaustible, 
The experience of saving is great. 

Nurse, asterisk of the hospital, 
Angel our guardian you are terrestrial, 
We will run to you not to be treated - 
We bring a present we are big, 

Wishes for success and success, 
Wishes of joy loving! 
We are now, sister, we congratulate 
you on your medical holiday.

Your job, you know, is complicated, 
you radiate a sea of ​​good! 
So let it come back in full, 
Let it be lucky in your affairs! 

We wish you high salaries, 
So that the team was friendly and glad to you, 
To be strong enough with the disease in the fight, 
That was grateful to any patient!

Called so beautifully - 
"Sister of Mercy", 
And now truncated, 
Became a "nurse". 

But the meaning has not changed - 
The same grace: 
Do not let people 
Early die. 

Your hands are gentle, 
Sensitive, skillful 
All you need to do, 
To help, 
Pain to prevail, 
Illness to survive - 
And to return to life! 

Thank you 
Filled with hearts! 
Live, rejoice in life, 
Medicine of a beautiful sister!

We congratulate the 
nurses today, We wish Terpency and health to you. 
We wish, that for affection and warmth, the 
goodness returned to you. 

Today, on a holiday, we say to you: "Thank you!" 
For never passing by, 
You will always help a person, 
To those who call, you will come to the rescue. 

Let joy bring to you only work, 
O family and family care, 
May all your wishes come true, 
All efforts will be repaid.

nurses day messages 2018

Nurses Day Wishes Messages SMS

You're a girl - a nurse, 
And you work fine! 
We are happy to congratulate you on your day, We are 
admiring you!

What is the share of a doctor 
Without a sister's shoulder? 
Who is always ready to help? 
Who is the clamp, the tweezers will give, 

Prepare a tool 
Or the right document? 
The voice is gentle, the look is sharp ... 
Congratulations to the nurses!

Today, and your holiday, 
My dear man, 
You sincerely congratulate, 
And on this day I wish 

You, naughty nurse, 
Fun from the very morning, 
Smiles of joy, love! 
Call me on holiday ...

In white robes, like fairies. 
So airy, quiet and modest. 
People help immensely. 
Nurses, we need you so much. 

Your share is heavy on duty. 
You carry peace, peace, love. 
In your tender and caring hands 
Disappears fear, anxiety, pain.

She's a hospital princess, 
Like a fairy, she's good, 
And just a sea of ​​interest - 
After all, she needs all the sick. 

Whom are we talking about, guess? 
Certainly, this is a nurse! 
She only wants the best, 
To be happy.

I hasten to say thank you so much for what you are! You are a very good specialist! More to such in medicine! Happy holiday to you!

Mom, I congratulate you 
On a nurse's day! 
Mom, I wish you - 
Happiness, health, love! 

Mom, always stay with 
Takoy, as you are now! 
Mom, rise above all. 
After all, you - a nurse - it's class!

Sisterhood Inspired , Innovate and Influence us with their passionate services to the man kind

My beloved sister, 
I congratulate you today, 
You're not just a nurse, 
You're the best, I know. 

Any business on the shoulder, 
Patients heal your eyes, 
I want to wish you health - 
For happiness, do not!

The nurse is not just a title 
This is the eye of radiant light and kindness, 
The greatest vocation is - 
Do not give up to misfortunes ever! 

We give all the nurses a bouquet of 
well-being and comfort. 
After all, for you, life is more valuable than life 
And the health of patients is your reward!

Despite personal hardship, 
Fulfilling the prescription of the doctor, 
Does not depart from the bed of the patient 
On night duty sister. 

We are grateful for your diligence, for your 
attention and warmth. 
With the holiday YOU, sister of mercy! 
We are in your debt!

Bright face, tongue is sharp, 
Hands are golden! 
All the beauties of nurses 
We are honored today! 

On your holiday you are honored, 
Strong health! 
Happiness will bring happiness 
with faith and love!

How many injections are made, 
How many sick people are around, 
You will not 
count soon, You will not count suddenly. 

And thank you for the work. 
Beautiful nurse, 
Inspiration and strength! 
Order, joy, goodness!

Day of the physician! And we congratulate you! 
We certainly wish everyone health! 
Live and work with dignity, 
Let him go to medicine in peace!

You are helpers of doctors, 
Angels for patients, 
And a life-giving stream - 
Your work is at most moments. 

For the health of gratitude 
And for the life of the continuation, 
And for your effulgence to 
you, thank you, with respect.

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