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Touching Mothers Day Quotes Sayings Messages | I Love You Mom Quotes from Son Daughter

Quotes for Mother's Day 2020

Mother is my lap, into 
which I fell as a small seed, I 
transformed into a man's temple . 
Your loving-kindness 
lives up to this day; 
dear Mother, 
thank you for being alive! 
Simon András

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love u mom status

If there was only one flower, 
I would find it. 
If only one star would ignite, I would 
shine it. 
If only a bird would 
speak , I would learn her voice. 
What would be nice and good would 
give it to my mother. 
Lajos Létay

You gave me life, and more importantly, lessons on how to live. You are the source of all that I have achieved during my life. Mom, thank you for everything you are and what I am. 
David L. Weatherford

In life most of the beauty comes with two, three, dozens, or hundreds. There are plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews, but there is only one ANYA in the world. 
Kate Douglas Wiggin

Love, um, love your sweet mom, 
he is the most treasured treasure on earth. 
Only you know what your sorrow, grief, 
if once he is - God forbid - there is no ... 
There's me, gorgeous, rich, beautiful apartment, 
but beggar's hut could farm, 
if it again - I like you, little buddy - 
Csókolhatnám sweet, sweet, sweet good mother! ... 
Artur Lakner

And today is your name today, 
so sit down and wash it up. 
My mother, what can I help 
you do not get tired, are you newer? 
I would do everything for you, I'll 
be out of trouble. 
To live cheerfully for a long time, 
and see your granddaughters in your youth. 
Lajos Létay

Short status for mom

A man can have more wives, more children, more friends, but his mother can only be one, and one must love him tenderly for as long as possible. 
Arthur Conan Doyle

thank you mom quotes

I do not mind when I'm down, I do not mind if you're nagging. 
Sometimes he's tired, he's terrible, 
but when he goes, I'm longing for it. 
- An "aging" child's caressing desire. 
My voice is stuck, my throat is dry, 
so I love my loving Mother. 
János Árpád

Because every mirror was from 
where I could see: 
That on earth I have 
My Most Loving Mother! 
Sandor Petofi

There are millions of people in the world, 
and there are thousands of people who love you, 
but if there is trouble, no one knows it, 
and no one cares about you. 
There is only one who is with you always, 
It is a good spirit, caring for you - 
If you are bad, he always looks good: 
Your dear, sweet, sweet, sweet good mother! 
Lakner Artur

Love u mom quotes

Tending to your tired hands 
I thank you for your life, From 
your dreams and your white heart, you grew up your 
messes, the fairies. 
Ámon Ámon

Kiss your sweet mother a hundred times, 
Tighten your hand well wherever 
you go , Heart will love you maybe elsewhere, 
Best of all your mom likes. 

Lakner Artur

All mortals. The inheritance was only given to mothers. 
Isaac Babel

Mom quotes from daughter

Yeah, maybe mom is really a spider. He has woven everything from scratch: food, wonderful clothes, love, teaching, and a roof to our head. I'm the spider's daughter. I look beautiful to her. Throughout my life I tried to make you happy. Because when he is happy, the whole house is cheering, the walls smile wide, the curtains cheer for their joy, the light blue cushion laughs in the sunlight flowing through the outstretched windows, and the flaming tongues thrill a daring dance at the stove. 
Rani Manicka

Oh, if I were a star I'd be 
round in the sky, It would 
snap to the ground My 
yellow light- 
Oh, but from there 
I would never go back 
without my mother I'd 
always be crying. 
Weöres Sándor

My mom is a good morning, so your daughter is greeted, 
Arrows are sharp flowers on the meadow. 

So now my little heart is like a motor, 
talk to your little girl instead of your little girl. 
Piroska Mészáros

happy mom day ecard

Their love is clear on the mountains, their seven-mile boots are in love, and a balloon is guided by the power of love when they travel with their children. 
István Örkény

The sweetest words given to mortals are mother, home, heaven. 
William Goldsmith Brown

My mother, I am grateful to 
you on this intimate holiday, 
I wish you now and always, 
always stay for me. 
László Devecsery

My mother, 
I dreamed of a flower, I was a 
sunflower in 
my dream, 
my mother, 
you were a bright day, glittering from 
sunrise to 
István Ágh

I wake up the day to 
make you feel better today. 
Over my mother's 
golden light swing! 
I wake up the garden, 
branch of every tree, 
Expand her, 
Flower of the Most Beautiful. 
Ámon Ámon

Touching message for mom

If I were a flower I would have a 
good smell; 
If I were a bird, I would 
praise the melodious song; 
if I were heaven, with 
gold and silver, I would spend 
your life with stars. 
István Pákolitz

Moms are called mom, hot their neck and shoulders, where they are drilling our heads and have a good smell. Mothers always (at all times, anytime, etc.) work with us, keep in mind all of us, and they are so happy to see us. Happy. The color of their eyes is as if the sky is covered, but the Sun still shines. In the depths of their laughing eyes - later on - we see the sadness, the constant, unbreakable and irrepressible pain we do not know what to do, unless it is laughing. They give me food, give me drink, give me a kiss. (...) Or we wake up to sit on the edge of our bed and hold our hands. Or their lightweight palms are held to our chest, our heartbeat, and so we wake up. Anyway, when we open our eyes, their faces fill the entire visible space. The world. Later there will be a short section, when we do not like it (we go to the wall) when they come to us. We do not have to say that, they will know, feel and break in the door, we do not even see it, and we will not even see them long and delightfully, (...) we even swim in the fog of dreams when soft, as if we were listening to an angel, something beautiful, soft and soothing, yes, our name, an angel rebukes our name, and our mummies in the first dementia before their stretching are ruddy, frightened, back in their lives that we do not have, shaded and really we never cared for us, we heard our name from the sky.
Péter Esterházy

Most mothers are born philosophers. 
Harriet Beecher Stowe

happy moms day ecards

You are stronger than any force: maternal love! You human body dressed in sunlight! You are a holy flame from the heart of God, no fear of death, a powerful weakness! 
Géza Gárdonyi

Who raises, who raises, 
rings me? 
I would open my eyes, 
but I can not ... 

The world is melted, 
but in the middle of it, a 
mother is sitting and sitting 
in my lap. 
Zoltán Zelk

I went to the meadow in the 
morning , I drank drops, collected it in Glass , I forgot. 

I went home, I blushed. My mother was in the midst of it, 
No words came to my tongue, my eyes fell to the forgetfulness. 
Anna's Potion

Bless your hand with me, 
Your voice is as though I 
heard you , while you are falling over me 
And you bless me with your blessed hand. 

I forgot 
my old enthusiasm, Mother. 
There was so much storm on me; 
It broke ... I 
forgot the old enthusiasm. 
Ady Endre

The peony was opened, 
blue unforgettable, tulip, 
I give you on my mother's day, 
my dear-sweet mother. 
Magda Donászy

Memories? Yes, I have memories, expensive and distant, like butterflies. There are so many magical, tiny, tricky shades of color that the time of the curious little boy plays. No one dares to say, "Do not touch them, otherwise the dust will fall from their wings and they can no longer fly." (...) Mother is the biggest, strongest and most winged butterfly. When I was a little boy, it was glowing in our house as an overflowing, dazzling light. He undoubtedly had the greatest impact on our lives. From the moment I went home and entered the door, I felt her presence in the air. I could smell her in the kitchen, I could see it in the open windows, and I heard in the sweet, faded Tamil songs that were listening on the radio. 
Rani Manicka

Mom quotes from daughter i love you

The leaves are lounging in the 
wind on the rocks, 
as dew drops on the 
grass, on the flower 
My mother, 
so much blessing on your head . 
Ferenc Móra

Holding her hand to her is good 
if a dog comes, 
mom smiles slightly, 
the dog is thankful. 
Holding her hands is good 
if the snow falls. Every snowball is 
avoided by one word 
Károlyi Amy

And watch it: a mother sleeps in 
her dream to kiss her heart 
S feels she's still thinking about me: 
I want to come back sometimes! 
Juhász Gyula

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If every star was all diamonds, 
every spring bud would be the clearest pearl: 
there would be few, very few, interest. 

If every river flowed through my soul, 
and a thousand grateful mills would only murmur a psalm, 
my thanks would still be low. 
If I give all the colors of the earth, I 
can not thank her sweetness. 
László Mécs

My mother, I was dew: I 
fell down on silk meadow. 
I raised flowers to pick 
you up. 
Dew drops, rain 
rays , light light on the windmill. 
László Devecsery

A fine branch, you, a 
good mother, the 
lady of my life , a 
big warm flower bed, a 
pillow place, a 
dense dew with a dawn 
Weöres Sándor

All the way - on the way home - My 
How will I call 
my long-awaited mother? 

What will I say to you first, 
When my cradle is ringing, 
The lever extends it. 
Sandor Petofi

My mother: her hair is snow, she is covered with 
great silence. 
My words are falling, snow breaks, 
birds come from the past. 
László Devecsery

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The wife is comforted, 
instead of being a friend, 
but there is an orphan heart that 
remembers and feels all the while. 
In a hypocritical and 
unpopular world, I found a sacred and pure tear in the 
same place among the great indecency, among many mischief 

the tears of poor mothers. 
Nikolai Alekseyevich Nyekraszov

My mother, I am grateful to 
you on this intimate holiday, 
I wish you now and always, 
always stay for me. 
László Devecsery

I love you Mom Quotes

Thank you for your hard work so much for me, 
and to my good mother raised me. 
Magda Donászy

The soul of my soul! He gave 
it to me What color, light. I lay down for it 
And I did not cry for a light song 
and I wrote it to her ungrateful sorrow! 
Juhász Gyula

My mother looks up to your forehead, 
where instead of a wreath of glory 
I find it's hard to robot folds, 
and I presume proud awe 
Jubilant songs every flower! 
Juhász Gyula

I will not leave you in the first ever 
woman to the ground, the child is here 
to protect and forever beyond time 
fölrakja koszorúdat shiny head. 
Dezső Kosztolányi

Have you seen this face and blue eyes fairy 
glow in the dark when ghosts banished 
me rustled in the depths of the child's room, 
and leaning over my bed surrounded by silence, 
shone around him? 
Dezső Kosztolányi

The mother struggles in the middle of the world, 
Eye of her worried child. 
Zseni Várnai

The maternal heart knows who the man is when they reach their child. 
Géza Gárdonyi

The tree does not hurt if it breaks its flower, oh, but the mother's heart was crushed by the Creator. 
Géza Gárdonyi

You gave me life, and more importantly, lessons on how to live. You are the source of all that I have achieved during my life. Mom, I thank you for what you are and what I am. 
David L. Weatherford

He is not the most powerful of those who have the most killing weapons, even those with the greatest treasure and riches, but the most powerful person who gives birth to man. 
Dezső Szakály

My mother did not light a candle. The light can not be illuminated. 
Magda Szabó

If you are a mother, you will never really be alone in your thoughts. A mother always thinks twice: once for herself, for the second time for her child. 
Sophia Loren

My mother, if she had a wing, would 
bring me all the stars: 
My mother is the embodiment of goodness, 
And sometimes I am bad. 
Mihály Erdélyi

I can never return to you, 
the many good things you did to me, 
the many love, the 
tenderness, until you raised me up. 
Strucz József

My mother, my soul, I 
knock on you . In my 
heart, thanks is 
warm in you. I have never been 
worthy of sacrifices 
to thank you for 
what you have done for me. 
There is no such good word. 
Csaba Pető

Mother's heart is the child's classroom. 
Henry Ward Beecher

No language can express the power, beauty and heroism of maternal love. 
Frédéric Chopin

All mortals. The inheritance was only given to the mothers. 
Babel Isak

I thank my mother for everything I am. 

If your roots could be covered by all noble feelings, all the great and delightful acts we are proud of, we will almost always get to your mother's heart. 
Edmondo De Amicis

It is written in gold, 
Mother's Day for me. 
Even the sun shines 
brighter in the sky. 

Erzsébet Bogár Szabó

Holding a hand's hand is good: 
if the snow falls, All snowballs are 
avoided by one word 

Blue apron of the bay, 
I and the ship: 
Sailing in the imagination, 
Sleeping in the ship. 
Károlyi Amy

I have the same word 
I wanted: 
"My mother!" - 
I found it all! 
N. Vorák József

Is there a magical 
beauty in the world 
like a young mother with 
a nice child in her 
Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenyev

In mothers there is something that is left beneath it and the common sense rises above it. The mother has an instinct! The infinite and unpredictable will of creation is in it, it controls its actions. 
Victor Hugo

I just wanted to see you, 
mom, bright star, 
see how you come, you come, you 
always come when I call you. 

To see your affliction , 
angel is gentleness, to 
bend to you, to 
embrace you. 

Zoltán Nadányi

Oh, if I were a star, 
round in the sky, I would 
fall to my floor 
, but 
I would never go back there , I would always be crying 
without my mother 
Weöres Sándor

As much as the green grass, in the 
sky with stars, in 
May, is the beautiful flower: 
so much blessing will come to you. 
Hungarian folk costumes

Mothers are immortal. 
They only change body, face, and shape 
there is no one dead ; young people 
like time. 
They are born again with 
every child; And they killed 
all dead - the third day 
raised up before dawn. 
Ratkó József

In this world we can not do big things, just small things with great love. 
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