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The Perfect Gift For Mothers | Mother's Choice 2020

We have done a great research and asked mothers in January 2020 following questions:
what gifts do mothers like ?
what gifts do moms want for their birthday ?
what gifts do moms want on mothers day ?
Here are results:

How old is your mom?

Age influences the search for the right gift significantly. We have preset several age groups, but you can adjust them at any time.

Are there any preferences?

Every woman is unique, including your mother. By selecting one or more preferences, you communicate our interests to our product finder and limit the pre-selection accordingly. This saves valuable time and nerves. If you tick edible " in the overview on the left , the system will generate things like sweets, tea or wine . Everything else that does not match your specifications will disappear from the article arrangement. Do you click on " cosmetic " or " readable“The product finder will call up wellness sets, perfume, cosmetics or novels, cookbooks and other literature. With the filter options, you can narrow down the product variety to find gifts for your mom even faster.

How much can it cost?

Do you have a specific budget or do you want to spend a certain amount? You can specify a price framework in the filter system. For example, if your limit is 50 USD , the product will find all items that are more expensive.

Should it be something concrete?

Did your mother express a wish for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion? Type in the appropriate term in the search field and start the search! With a little luck you can make your wish come true.

Gifts for mothers should come from the heart

Before you plunge into the colorful world of gifts, we would like to point out that gifts for mothers do not matter how much you spend. It is much more important that your gift idea comes from the heart and your mom realizes that you have thought about it. Basically, this applies to all kinds of gifts, but many mothers are particularly sensitive when their offspring spends excessive amounts. Of course we don't want to stop you if you want to give her a special gift. On the contrary! She deserves it and will surely be pleasantly surprised.
We are more concerned with taking the pressure off you and eliminating the often omnipresent impression that only expensive gifts are worth something. A lovingly designed gift basket with selected little things, something you made yourself or a voucher for a trip together are no less attractive for your mom, like a luxurious piece of jewelry for hundreds of euros. If your budget is limited, that's no reason for a bad mood! With a little creativity you will make your mother completely happy.

Material gifts for mums

The variety of material gifts for mothers is huge. The spectrum ranges from decorative home accessories to jewelry and fashion to practical things for the home. In order to provide you with some inspiration, we have put together various themed worlds:
  • Edible and edible gifts
  • Cosmetic gifts
  • Cozy gifts
  • for musical mothers
  • for romantics
  • Practical
  • for sports cannons
  • Photo Gifts
  • wood products
  • Specialties for those with a sweet tooth
If you switch to one of the sections , you should use the filter system again and set the gender to " female ". The age group also helps refine the pre-selection. For more suggestions, we will go into some of the themed areas below.
A no-go: Everything that has to do with work and household in any form should be avoided as a gift for mums. The only exception: she expressly wishes so.

Gifts for connoisseurs

Something delicious to eat or drink is almost always a gift. While a chocolate gift box delights lovers of sweets , the wine connoisseur is happy about a carefully selected delicacy from a well-known growing region. Fine teas, pasta sets for Italian enjoyment or unusual spice blends are also conceivable products.
NiX set for momNiX set formom € 15.95
For the best mom cakeFor the best mom cake31.90 €
Nut and chocolate snacksNut and chocolate snacks€ 39.90
Tip: Edible and edible gifts are particularly popular as Christmas presents. Because during the Christmas season and also between the years, the topic of enjoyment is at the top of the agenda.

Wellness for your mom

Does your mother like to dress up or have she earned time for herself again? In the categories wellness and cosmetic gifts we present a wide variety of articles, with which you can do something good for them and donate relaxation. How about, for example, a massager, a bath pillow or a care set for the home wellness program? Such offers are ideal birthday gifts for mums to help them take a well-deserved break on their special day. The same applies to Mother's Day. Not to forget the excellent voucher ideas, which we will take a closer look at in the section " Experience gifts ".
Wellness vanilla bath setWellness vanilla bath set€ 27.95
Wellness gift set "Bisquitrolle"Wellness gift set "Bisquitrolle"€ 12.90
But be careful: anti-wrinkle creams, weight loss courses or other things of this kind that suggest to mum that they are inadequate are a no-go! Such gifts leave a bad feeling.

Practical helpers and cuddly things for more comfort in everyday life

If your mother is most happy about useful products, you are in the right place in the category for practical things. Here you will find lots of accessories for the home and garden, among other things These include wine bottle holders, deck chairs, table lamps and sofa butlers for cozy cinema evenings at home. Cozy accessories such as a cuddly reading blanket or pillow are the ideal addition.

Nice made of wood

Wood is a wonderful material for the decorative and practical. The natural material inspires with a cozy charm and the aesthetic surfaces can be combined in many ways. With the wooden gifts you will find Christmas, birthday and Easter gifts for mothers that leave a lasting impression.
While the wooden hearts listed in the overview can be used as a Mother's Day gift and a decorative sign for Christmas gives joy, a noble wooden trunk stool could be a pleasant surprise for a birthday. 

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts should be emphasized for mothers Through photos, names or texts you can turn these articles into unique attentions and impress your mother with ingenuity. While stationary retailers rarely have such offers up their sleeve, the variety on the Internet is enormous. Vespers, wine boxes, jewelry, glasses, furniture, murals, textiles. The list of things that can be customized is endless. To illustrate the possibilities, here are some special features for mothers:
Champagne glass with engraving - best momChampagne glass with engraving - Best Mom€ 19.95
3D cartoon character from the photo "Women"119.00 €
Floor mats to design yourselfFloor mats to design yourself€ 29.99
cubesPhoto cube€ 19.90
A trip to the photo gifts department is also worthwhile. It contains numerous articles that can be given a personal picture. You can surprise your mom with a pop art picture, give her an exclusive souvenir with a glass photo, or give her a pillow printed with a family photo.

Experience gifts create valuable memories

Time seems more important today than ever. Despite the fact that everyone is aware that every day ends irretrievably, the family often falls by the wayside. This is why experience gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike material gifts, which often end up as dust catchers, you give moments together with a voucher for an experience. Parents, and thus mothers in particular, are happy about this alternative gift idea because they see their children too little in everyday life. All the more joy when the offspring is ready to invest time and experience something together with the mom.
Dinner with a differenceDinner with a difference18.50 €
floatingFloating€ 49.00
Dinner in the darkDinner in the Dark€ 29.00
Short vacation - city tripShort vacation - city trip199.90 €
You are spoiled for choice when it comes to adventure gifts: wellness, adventure, action, nature, sport, cuisine: there is something for everyone. We would like to point out three optimal gifts for mothers:
  • For example, a balloon ride would be a great investment for a milestone birthday. Your mom is celebrating an anniversary, but you cannot afford such a gift? No reason to give up the idea. Ask relatives and friends if they participate and put together! Take off with your mom and enjoy the breathtaking view!
  • Your mother is a gourmet and likes to discover new things? Then an experience dinner is perfect. Here culinary finesse is combined with entertainment. This can be a magic dinner, a 5-course menu in the igloo and much more. There is something for every taste.
  • A short vacation would be just right for the mother? Take a city break or relaxing days in the wellness hotel and give her a welcome change of scenery!
Of course it is not a must that you redeem the voucher for the favorite experience gift together with the mom. It may be more appropriate to send her alone or to relax with her partner, sister or best friend. You should decide depending on the situation. However, it is advisable to make this decision before handing over the voucher. Otherwise the ambiguity could become uncomfortable or cause embarrassing moments.

Excursions, events and more

As an alternative to purchased vouchers, you can stage experiences independently. There are neutral vouchers for such gifts in stores. You can add personal text and put your project on paper. Or you can create your own voucher with craft paper. Think about what your mother would be happy about and turn it into an experience gift! Do you lack ideas? The following considerations can help:
  • extensive breakfast in a cozy cafĂ©
  • Picnic in the green
  • Excursion to a sight
  • Short trip with overnight stay in a special hotel
  • Events like theater, concert or opera
  • Visit to a musical
  • joint participation in a course

Mother's Day gifts - a gesture of gratitude

Mother or motherhood is honored on Mother's Day. What was introduced in the United States in 1914 has spread to the west over time. However, the origins go back to ancient times. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries, the mother's day of honor is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. By the way, Mother's Day in Germany was declared a public holiday in 1933. However, it is not a public holiday. Florists are allowed to open in many places despite Sundays. A fact that consumers like to make use of: the flower trade generates the highest sales of the year through purchases for Mother's Day. Even Valentine's Day can't keep up.

What should I give for Mother's Day?

Flowers are still the most popular Mother's Day gift. This is based, among other things, on the well-known wisdom " flowers say more than a thousand words ". Regardless of whether it is a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant or a single cut flower that you hand over with a personal poem: Flowers are excellent for saying thank you in a loving and stylish way. Ideally, you would buy your mom's favorite flowers to show her that you care about her preferences.
In our section for flowery gifts you will find numerous suggestions. Among other things, you can take advantage of the convenient delivery service. Many service providers have specialized in the delivery of flowers and ensure that cut flowers, bouquets, etc. arrive safely at the recipient. Perfect for anyone who cannot come to visit in person. Alternatively, we present original alternatives such as imperishable roses, flower arrangements, vases and decorative pots. Mums with a balcony or garden may be happy about flowers in the pot that can be planted after Mother's Day. This has the advantage that they still have something of the present long after their day of honor. Remember: Not every mother likes cut flowers. Many prefer potted plants because they do not end up in the garbage, but make a contribution to nature conservation.
Give away a bouquet with fast shippingGive away the bouquet with fast shipping€ 19.99
NiX set for momNiX set formom € 15.95
For the best mom cakeFor the best mom cake31.90 €
Non-cash gifts are gaining in importance, which is why it is worth taking a look at our multifaceted arrangement for Mother's Day gifts . In addition to exclusive jewelry , we have selected special products for this occasion. These include foot massagers, home accessories such as the “ Dear Mom Cup ” and lovingly stocked gift baskets. In general, anything that can be used to do something good is suitable for the mothers' day of honor. This can be beneficial bath oils, delicious specialties or a perfumehis. You send an individual message with personalized gifts. Pieces of jewelry, wine glasses, vases and even pastries from the confectioner can be turned into unique pieces with text or photos. Such a thank you puts a smile on every mom's face.
The appreciation of mothers is in the foreground, which is why the choice of gifts should be made carefully. Every mom has personal preferences. Keep an eye on this while researching and select the present accordingly!
Sought-after souvenirs for Mother's Day summarized:
  • flowers
  • mother's Day cake
  • chocolates
  • Jewellery
  • Living and fashion accessories
  • even handmade things
  • Poems & Poetry
  • experience Gifts
  • homemade vouchers

Tip for the Mother's Day poem

Are you looking for a poem for Mother's Day? attractive proposals were made. We would advise against printing. Instead, take your time and write the verses by hand on a nice piece of writing paper. With this you emphasize the appreciation of your mother and she is guaranteed to be pleased that you have made this effort for her. As a rule, fine writing works best with a fountain pen.

Make Mother's Day gifts yourself

Something homemade is a good choice for Mother's Day. Everyone can buy something, but with patience and attention to detail, something that has charm and conveys to mothers: "I like you, you are important to me!"
In many kindergartens and schools, a real handicraft euphoria breaks out before Mother's Day and the children prepare pretty little things. With a little imagination, you can also make beautiful gifts. We have integrated two videos with creative craft ideas below. Take a look and be inspired!

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