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35 Heartfelt Happy Mother's Day Greetings, Messages, Wishes And Sayings

Happy Moms Day Greetings 2020

Mother's Day  is a wonderful touching holiday, which reminds with its parish that in the life of each of us the most important person is a mother. It is mother that gives birth to a new life. Mom surrounds with kindness, tenderness and care. Mom leads the kids along the long way of growing up, supporting, instructing on the right path and protecting from troubles. Even becoming adults, we feel motherly love, we know that my mother will always understand, forgive and will love in spite of everything. Therefore Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to say "thank you" to our mothers, to give them warm sincere words, to repeat again and again how much we love them. What date is the mother's day? Mother's Day in Russia is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of November. Russians began to celebrate this holiday relatively recently. The legislative initiative was born in 1998 in the State Duma Committee for Women, Family and Youth Affairs. The initiative gained wide public support. In the same year, Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed Decree of 30.01.1998 № 120 "On Mother's Day." For the first time Mother's Day in Russia was celebrated in November 1999. Since that time, the holiday began to gain popularity, gained popular recognition and easily took root in the calendar of Russian holidays. Mother's Day in the world.Over forty countries have established their national holidays in honor of their mothers. These holidays have different names, stories of origin and places on the calendar. The most widespread on the international level was Mother's Day, celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The holiday originated in the US in 1908, when a young American Anna Jarvis (Anna Jarvis) decided to honor the memory of her beloved mother, which she lost in 1905. In 1908, she created a memorial in the St. Andrew Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Anna's goal was not only to honor her own mother's memory, but also to establish a day in honor of all mothers, a day to honor the "man who did more for you than anyone in the world." Anna began to appeal to the authorities with a request to legitimize Mother's Day and her initiative was crowned with success. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree that from now on the second Sunday in May is established in the United States as a national holiday dedicated to all mothers. Unfortunately, the fate of Anna Jarvis herself was not very happy. She did not have her own children, but in the memory of generations she became the mother of the holiday, dedicated to all mothers. Today Mother's Day is celebrated in such countries as dedicated to all mothers. Today Mother's Day is celebrated in such countries as dedicated to all mothers. Today Mother's Day is celebrated in such countries as USA, Canada, Japan and China. On this page you will find poems and congratulations on Mother's Day, postcards and pictures for the holiday, and also send funny audio congratulations for moms to your mobile phone.

heartfelt mothers day quotes

Mother's Day 2020 - May 10, 2020, the history and features of the holiday

Mom, Mom, Mom ... This word hides a special energy, every sound in it is impregnated with warmth, tenderness and infinite love. Mom is a wise adviser and a reliable friend. Mom is the best healer of our spiritual wounds and grievances. Mom is an assistant in all our endeavors. Mom is a faithful guardian angel, who is vigilant about our happiness and well-being. And in this world, and, most likely, in a different world.

The history of the International Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great all-human holiday, which occupies a special niche in the calendar of solemn dates. A special holiday in honor of Mother Earth, the goddess of fertility Persephone was celebrated in ancient Greece. The Mother's Day was first celebrated in England, in the 17th century. This tradition has not disappeared in our days. Until now, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, Englishmen have been honoring their mothers. In the US, Mother's Day appeared in the early 20th century. In 1914, US President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree that the second Sunday in May is a national holiday for all US mothers. The initiative was supported by many European and Eastern countries. Since the beginning of the 30s, the second Sunday in May is the official International Mother's Day.

The History of Mother's Day in Russia

The official holiday Mother's Day in Russia has appeared recently. Until 1998, our dear mothers, like all Russian women, had only one holiday - March 8th. The Motherhood Day was initiated by the State Duma Committee on Women, Youth and Family Affairs. On January 30, 1998, Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin signed a decree on the celebration of the All-Russian Mother's Day on the last Sunday of November. Why this date was chosen for the mother's day is not clear. Most likely, there were no other "free" places in the Russian calendar for the holiday dates at that time.

Mother's Day Traditions

Over the years, Mother's Day has become one of the favorite Russian holidays. Every year on the last Sunday of November it is customary to congratulate not only mothers, but also pregnant women. In recent years, it has become a good tradition to honor and reward in honor of the holiday of mothers with many children who take orphan children to be raised. Another good tradition is also spread, borrowed from the American maternity day - to pin the clove to the clothes. Colored, if the mother is alive, and white if she is no longer in this world.

Mom will not be replaced by anyone and never. Probably, however many warm and kind words we did not say to our mothers, it will still not be enough. Take care, love and respect your mothers, do everything so that they can be proud of you, share with them all their joys and misfortunes, call them not only on weekends, but every day. Be sure to sincerely and gently congratulate them on the last Sunday of November, present poems, gifts, flowers and sweets. Be with them on this day and take care of all their household chores everyday. If you are far away, just call your mother in the morning on a holiday and say: "I wish you happiness, my dear, beloved and only Mom! I know that you sometimes are very difficult for me. But, believe me, I appreciate every day that I can hold next to you and every moment when I can look into your kind, intelligent and loving eyes. "

Quotes about Mothers Love

Mom, clear sun ray!
You are shining among the clouds.
I hurry to you sooner,
To become warmer to me.
There is no end to thanks,
On this day I congratulate the
best mother in the world!
Tenderness I give her a range.
May the Lord preserve you,
Protect you from sorrows,
Well, I swear then
To please you always!

Congratulations on your mother's day!
I wish you love and warmth,
So that children appreciate care,
Attention has always been given!
So that the house was shrouded in hope,
To make it cozy,
So that every neighbor was heard:
Here the good people live!
Still I wish you happiness,
Good friends and colleagues,
I wish good luck, health,
Good you are our man!

From my first breath and to this day, there is no man more dear and closer than you, Mom! This holiday is just an occasion to tell you about how I feel every day: I love you more than anyone else on Earth! May life save you from bad, you stand only the best and brightest. Long and happy life, mommy!

A special day today,
It was not in vain prepared for him,
Mother's Day - holy Madonna
filled all our hearts.
Thank you, Mummy, we congratulate,
We wish you happiness for many years,
To always be smiling,
To the sun was bright sun.
We will give you joys, We will
fill it with every moment.
We will always be with you,
So that the darkness suddenly does not penetrate into the soul.

Let the snowflakes end this fall mean.
With you, Mom, my way has been started in a special way.
I want to praise you only in days of happiness.
I want to congratulate you on Mother's Day.
Mom, I grew up, but wherever I go I will
never forget the path to your house.
Congratulations, my dear,.
I do not know a kind mother all over the world.

We wish you mom, in spite of the November cold and gloomy weather, spring always reigned in your soul. So that you always had a good mood, so that you would less often turn to doctors, and so that we, your children, would visit you more often and enjoy your successes. Happy holiday, our dear mummy!

Many dates in a year are good,
But it's more beautiful to not find,
Calendar calls us to
celebrate Mother's Day again!
This is an excuse, Mom,
To tell you
how I love you,
And wish you happiness!
Do not be sad, do not despond,
smile more,
do not let Tears of the will Go on, get
Be beautiful, young
Do not get ill with a cold!
I promise,
I will never grieve !

Mothers day quotes 2018

Yes, of course, I'm not an angel.
As a child, I was crying, I cried a lot, I was
asleep at school, I lost my briefcase, I
checked the door for strength!
I stamped in the bots around the apartment
and smoked secretly in the outhouse.
And the girls brought in -
You whispered: "Crocodile!" 

I am a rude
and a sofa-maker.
But I love you all,
Though I rarely say!
Mother's feast was once in the
autumn appointed golden,
To wrap up the sons of
Mam in downy kerchiefs!

Well, Mommy? I tormented you?
Walking, partying, not counting?
For this most extreme case,
there is an avenger that grows quietly!
He will avenge all your sorrows,
He will so give a light, that well, well ...
Your granddaughter, so meek in the beginning, He will
arrange a local war for Pope.
On the day of the mother, I congratulate you silently,
I want to enjoy it completely.
The spectacle, when the grandson will famously
defeat Me in a small war!

I love You Mom Quotes

Mother's Day is a good opportunity to express your feelings to the native person. Mom, thanks for the excessive care and excessive vigilance! If love for children were put up for auction, then yours would become the most expensive lot. But I will never give up such wealth! I wish you to remain damn attractive and have angelic patience!

The best mothers in this world
We want to congratulate this day!
Send SMS-point!
Mom congratulate on the holiday!
Give her a present
And a bouquet of fun!
Kisses and hug,
To the heart, gently press it!
Mom's no mile, dearer,
Without it no one can!
Mom! You in this world
Congratulate your children!

Said that, we are the first most?
(After all, our childhood was - paradise!)
Of course, immediately - the word "mother",
And immediately after - "Mom, give!"
On Mother's Day I will say: "Dear!"
Let now my turn
give you everything you want,
And thank you!
And even you can take a break: To be
capricious, to sort out -
Mamulya, you can not be shy!
Let's realize your dreams!

My amazing and cheerful mother, I wish you to be accepted for my sister in the future. Nevertheless, I want to wish my fans not to look at you too much. And both of us can only wish to be the same bosom friends and also have fun together to spend the weekend, as now!

I know that I'm not a gift,
I'm a surprise, do not twist: I've
made a lot of mistakes,
A lot will be ahead.
Only you, dear mother,
You believe in your daughter, as always.
In my faith you are stubborn,
I am pleased and proud.
I want to congratulate you
On the holiday of beautiful mothers!
I can add one thing:
I will give my life for you.

On your knees before you,
We are in debt to destiny.
The light of your kindest eyes
Year after year he warms us,
Gives strength and love,
Helps again and again.
Mom's the best in the world
Long years, health is stronger,
Let life be better, easier.
I swear, to tears of love,
Every day to protect you.

All the beloved mothers in the world
Congratulate the children,
And neighbors and friends,
All relatives and even me!
Congratulations to the mothers of your loved ones, To the
heart of loved ones, to the heart of the dear, To
you, to the great love,
May the days blossom like poppies,
Bright, beauty,
Many faiths and dreams!
Days of fun, good days,
Friend to friend are not like!

Good Mom Quotes

Dear Mom,
I congratulate you today.
We are your best friends,
I trust you as a child.
I'll tell you my problems
And I'll come as a child for advice.
You take me like you hug me before.
And stroke your head with it.
And the problems will all run away, The
troubles will end all by themselves,
Your gay daughter will once again become a
good girl.
And I want to confess to you, I wish you
happiness on this day,
Dear Mom,
For me you are the most dear.

Mom, for me in this world.
You know, there's no one more human,
I'll rise at sunrise tonight,
And with warm words I'll warm
your heart. After all, my, I know
You have been loving with love since your birth,
Mom, I love you, dear!
And I want this Sunday,
And always it was as you want,
Let these lines warm you up!

Happy Mothers Day!
Autumn day is not sad at all.
In the world there are immutable things.
Families save us from problems.
We want to wish more happiness,
Let the dawn illuminates always
That dream that should be fulfilled -
And the years will not be vain!

Congratulations to dear mothers
Happy holiday!
On this day, our love for
you, we multiply!
You want a lot of happiness,
peace, beauty,
come true daily Best dreams!
So that in a good mood
You went to work,
Never to her did not lose
Joy and hunt!

I want the sun to
come on November, Mammy, you!
Happy Mother, my dear,
my closest person!
I wish you health,
Live longer - a century!
Thanks for the gentle hands and voice,
Thank you for being there for always!
And let the gray hair slightly tinted hair -
In love, in motherhood is your beauty!

The Mother's Day has come, -
This is an excellent day, the
closest person,
He is blessed!
Mom ... - children repeat
many thousand times!
This word is dearer to
each of us!
A man is closer to my mother
No, in this world,
And everyone knows about this
On a big planet!

Today is a holiday - my mother's day,
And you bloom!
You do not want to congratulate me,
My dear sun!
Let there be an everlasting spring,
That in the heart of a tree,
And the life of goodness is not fresh,
And laughter is not translated!
And for me, I beg of you,
Do not worry -
After all, if you honestly live, loving,
then everything will work out in life!

Autumn leaves, rustling leaves,
Winters breathe in the morning,
But on this day of all our mothers, our souls
fill with Love faster.
A quiet holiday of our lovely mothers,
Parade, he, alas, does not collect,
He opens his door to us in his mother's house,
He returns us again in our childhood.

When I was not even a year old,
Only my mother saved everything from all,
In winter in cold weather
I was warmer than ever.
I collected my portfolio at school,
At the graduation flowers, I gave it
away, I wiped the tear off,
When I was at the wedding.
My dear, dear
Mama, You have grown me loving.
In the autumn day I want to congratulate:
"Happy Mother's Day, Mamul, you."

This day warmth of hearts warms,
All that is hoped for will come true.
We bow our heads from small to large,
And we pray for them at the holy face:
Let all the mothers of the earth be great
Will recover and rest,
And their children, with a thankful word,
With good deed and desire for a new
One ,
They knelt before their mother God will scatter them shadow.
Author: Kurtseva Alina
Who can be closer to mother in the world?
Who so warms with sincere warmth?
She always worries about us,
For us, the doors to her house are open.
Let's congratulate them today.
Happy mother's day, we will honor their faithful work.
Wherever we are, we perfectly know that
mothers believe in us and are always waiting.

Today they congratulate mothers,
They gave us all the strength.
Loving and spoiling children -
They dedicated their lives to them.
And I wish my mother health,
Heat and happiness, bright days.
Let the ice of misunderstanding melt
And on the soul let it be more fun.
And let the smile of the lips illuminate,
And the sun warms, illuminating the path.
In your house, the trouble does not recognize the road,
And small problems forget.

Mommy's favorite, my glorious!
I want to tell you how I love you!
You are my defender, the most gentle friend!
Better not find anyone around!
Congratulations to Mom on this glorious day!
I'll find the best gift for her!
So I want to please something else,
Behave diligently I will be fine!

Mothers Day Text Messages

The holiday is big and beautiful - the
Day of all mothers celebrates the country.
And we with the daddy wish to make mum happy -
After all it is kind to all on light.
Flowers dad bought and folded them in a bouquet,
I'll give them to my mother,
After all, my mother is the best mother in the world,
And I love her very much.
I promise you that I will obey,
Only you smile soon,
With my dad I'll even wash the dishes,
To make you more cheerful.
We wish you that you were happy,
Do not be sad, so that you never,
So that you were always young and beautiful,
And she loved me and dad always.

I draw a sun - I'll give my mother.
Because I really love Mom!
Congratulations on the holiday and I wish her
To be happy, laughing more cheerfully,
So as not to get tired and do not know ill,
To be happy most of all the white world!
I thank you, Mom!
If it were not for you, dear, I would not have been!

The day is not easy today.
It's a holiday of lovely mothers!
At the time of the autumn gold
We need to congratulate them!
To every mother on earth
Congratulations sound,
Bright light in the haze
Baby eyes are burning.
Let the health and love
Mummy always warm! We will
congratulate them again,
We will never forget!

Mom is the best girlfriend, I
trust her with all the secrets.
Yesterday broke the mug
And did not even hide it!
And today, on the holiday mom, I 'll
help not for fun -
And home affairs
We'll do a little bit.
Chocolate biscuits
Solem today, urgently,
And a funny congratulations
I'll read Mama exactly!

Mommy, no, you are dearer!
Nobody can replace you with me!
Other children have other mothers,
But they love them, like me, so much!
Happy holiday, Mom, congratulations!
I wish you much, much happiness!
Be with me forever, forever,
Let our happiness last forever!

Mommy's favorite,
The most beautiful,
Gentle and sweet!
Kind, beloved!
On the holiday of the best moms
Smile, you laugh!
I'll give you flowers of
unusual beauty!
And I will thank you
for your care and love!
Mom, live happily!
I will always be with you!

On Mother's Day I wish you a bright maternal joy - healthy, happy and happy children, I wish you with the years not to lose charm, do not stop inspiring and dreaming, hoping and loving. Let your days be filled with sincere smiles, bright achievements and pleasant surprises!

On this festive day, let the sun wake your hopes, bird trills will give inspiration, and your beloved children will smile, surprise you, let your woman's happiness be infinite, love - mutual, beauty - blooming, and luck - permanent. Happy Mother's Day!

Becoming a mom, you signed a lifetime contract. According to the contract, you give your heart, wrap yourself in love, give caring, forgive and always believe in your child. I wish on Mother's Day always to fulfill the terms of the agreement, to enjoy it and to take advantage of embraces, kisses and confessions that you are the best mother in the world!

Happy Mother's Day, with the holiday of the most affectionate hearts, the most tremulous feelings, the most caring hands and the most loving eyes! Let the children grow healthy, successful and grateful, let faith, hope and love accompany you along a long and beautiful life path!

They say that the Lord can not keep track of all the children, so he created angel assistants, whose name is "Mom". You were lucky enough to become one of them. I wish that children's love never allowed to lower their wings, but always inspired high rises. Happy Mother's Day!

I wish you a real motherly happiness today, and it consists in joyful children's voices and smiles, happy, mischievous eyes, in loving, sincere children's arms. Let the full cup be your home, faithful and loving - the husband, let Heaven keep your family hearth and your woman's happiness. Happy Mother's Day!

You accompany your child for a walk through a magical country called Childhood, pointing the right way in the city of Yunost and always guarding on a dangerous journey through the planet "Adult Life." I wish you strength, health and patience in order to fulfill your most important mission brilliantly. Happy Mother's Day!

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Unique But Short International Mother's Day Quotes and Greetings 2020

International Mother's Day is a Holiday of Every Person on Earth

The first word that we say. The person we call, when we feel bad, and when we feel good. The person with whom we first of all share all the secrets. A man who remains our first and foremost love forever. Mom, Mom, Mamula. A woman who protects us from adversity every minute. A woman who, even leaving in a different world, like a guardian angel, invisibly watching us from Heaven, blesses and guides us on the path of the true ...

i love you mom quotes

Undoubtedly, the International Mother's Day is a holiday of every person on Earth. After all, each of us has Mamula, Mom, Mom, to whom we owe our life.

The cult of the Mother in Ancient Greece and in Russia

International Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The month of May was not chosen by chance. In ancient Greece reigned the worship of the Great Mother of all Gods, Rhea, in honor of which every year in the beginning of May there were mysteries, including many complex rituals and rituals. A little later in Greece began to be held and celebrations in honor of other goddesses, who were considered mothers of the Earth and all of humanity - Demeter and Persephone.

Ceremonial rituals dedicated to the cult of the Mother were held in Rus during pagan times. The image of the Most Holy Mother of God in Christianity is also a tribute to that great role played by a woman in the centuries-old history of mankind.

History of Mummy Day Holiday:

The history of the International Mother's Day dates back to the 19th century. In 1872, in the United States, a famous pacifist and fighter for women's rights, Julia Hove, initiated the International Day for the Unity of All Mothers of the World. Unfortunately, at that time this wonderful idea did not find worthy support. Up to the beginning of the 20th century, the holiday was unofficially celebrated except in the USA.

In 1907 another American, Anna Jarvis, submitted to the legislature a proposal for the establishment on the second Sunday in May of the National Mother's Day. This time the initiative was supported at the highest state level. In 1914, the holiday finally received official status.

Since many more countries joined the American celebrations for several years, May 2 very quickly acquired an international sound. Today, International Mother's Day is officially celebrated in more than 23 countries.

Traditions of the holiday
In the US and many European countries, there is a tradition to fasten a red carnation flower to clothing if the mother is alive and white if she has already left this world. In America, also on this day, they must visit their parents, no matter how far they live. And mothers are preparing for their already grown-up children different goodies, spoiling them no less than in childhood.

What to Write on a Mother's Day card 2020:

All this day - for our dear mothers. Flowers, gifts, congratulations, words of gratitude and admiration. However, our mummies deserve all this not only on a holiday. Appreciate your mother, admit to her in love every day, give gifts and flowers without any reason, simply because she IS. And let the International Mother's Day last 365 days a year!

Short Mothers Day Messages In English 2020

what to write on a mother's day card


Thanks, Mom,
for your forever love. 
Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day messages for cards

Well, except for that naked baby picture!
Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Mothers day messages poems 2020

You make the world
a more beautiful place -
especially my world.
Love you, Mom!

funny mothers day messages

You make the world
a more beautiful place -
especially my world.
Love you, Mom!

Mothers day text messages

mothers day messages poems

Mom, you deserve to be celebrated,
to be showered with love and appreciation!

Mom, you’re the best every day.
Thanks for all you do!

happy mothers day quotes from daughter

Happy mothers day messages to friends

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